10 months today

Hi all

Just a little post because Im off to town with my daughter and her little one. But had to come and say its 10 months for me today. So pleased with myself also my son as most of you know as a BIG drink prob has been sober this time for 5 week friday. So life is sweet at the moment. Thank to everyone for there support has allways. Try and pop by before I go back to work this afternoon. have a nice smoke free day.xxxx

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  • Hi Linda :D

    CONGRATULATIONS 10 months is awesome soon ber at the Penthouse now


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Congratulations Linda on 10 months quit :) a big milestone.

    Glad to hear about your son i hope he can keep it going.

    You deserve support you have done really well.Be in the penthouse for Christmas.

  • Hi Linda,

    Fabulous stuff - congratulations on the 10 months completed today. Loads of reasons to smile.:D


  • terrific! well done to you Linda! xxxx

  • Linda, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 10 months is fantastic! Not long for the penthouse now! Jody

  • A huge Well Done Linda you deserve a great big Hug. I send your son lorry loads of courage and help to see him on his way to sobriety.

    Jackie x

  • 6 month for me.... 10 MONTH FOR YOU!!! Brilliant xxx you must be so proud of yourself xxx great feeling isn't it? :D well done hunny x

  • Thank you all quit buddys It feels good this quit but I dont think I would make it with out your support.xxxxxx

  • Congrats on your 10 months.......Not long now.....:)

  • That's great to see Linda.

    Well done!

    Bill X

  • Well done Linda,

    I'm confident that you've got your head straight this time :)

    Keep up the great work.

  • Well done Linda.

    This time :)

  • Hi Linda

    There is no-one on this forum i admire more for their perseverance and indomitable spirit (Nic will know exactly what i mean :) ) than you.

    I am genuinely really pleased that you have reached this stage of your quit and have no doubts that you will be joining us in the penthouse soon.

    You, more than most, deserve to be successful in your quit, and i know you have had a harder run at it than almost everyone on here.

    Well done Linda.

    I know that was a bit fluffeh but in this case i will make an exception :D

    Even BillG has made an appearance!!!!! :)

  • Congratulations, Linda, on 10 months!!! Well done you :)

  • Oops....nearly missed this very important milestone.

    Massive congratulations on reaching 10 months.

  • Congratulations on your 10 months ......that is fantastic....well done!!!

  • Thank you thank you thank you. Im very pleased with all my good wishes.xxxxxx

  • Hi Linda:)

    well done ,not long now,the penthouse is waiting for you.


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