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Cold turkey

So I have just gone for it and stopped without any aids at all. Now this is Day 8 so I should not have any nasties left in my system, so far so good. Now if I was to find it tough going and decided to use a patch or inhaler would that not mean I am then putting nicotine into my now clean system?

The main reason I ask is the craving are pretty bad a t times and I would prefer just to fight them but the thought of a patch to take the edge of them can be tempting

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to be honest the cravings were worse yesterday but I really just want them to go away to the extent they are not interfering with my life


Just wanted to say well done on getting to day 8 and that I'm on the patches and I don't get any cravings at all. Makes my life a lot easier as I have two under 5's - For me, if I didn't have the patches then their life would be hell!

Good luck in what you do decide to do


If you have reached day 8 CT, try not to add nicotine back into your system. Any NRT will add it back. After week 2, you will see a big difference as far as the craves are concerned. Just remember they(the craves) are only mental, not really physical. They will get to be seconds not minutes, then only once in awhile. At 6 months quit, I still get a crave once in awhile. It is only a fleeting thought and happens when I experience a time when I used to always have a cig. After 35 years of smoking, I have a lot of triggers to get through! Believe me, it does get much easier and is definitely worth it!


Hi SM :D

Well done on day 8 CT that's great

As you've gone CT all the nicotine is out of your system and as the others say it would be a pity to put some back however small the amount is

I think if you did that now it would be a shame but maybe some gum or a lozenge if you get desperate

Having said that it will get much easier for you very soon now with the nicotine out of your system it is mainly psychological now

Read the pspsts on here and use the links in maby of our signatures for more help

The bottom link in my signature has a bit about the psychology of it you have to scroll down a fair way but I think it will help


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Again thanks folks

So I thought I would try a few beers tonight, sooo

6 pints, some damn difficult bits where a fag would just have been lovely, slightly manic demeanor but I managed to get through it ok.

It was like one long minor craving with the occasional big craving, I never felt totally relaxed though. I take it/ hope that will come.


Hi SM :D

A few beers eh that's great glad you got through it even if you never totally relaxed with it

Yes it will come with time OK everytime you go for a drink now it will get a little easier and better for you

You did really well getting through tonight well done


Marg xxxxxxx


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