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i had asthma since i was 5. i am 25 years old now, and been a pack day smoker since 13. i noticed my breathing getting worse a few months ago. the tightness and immflamation were a daily occurence. this led to panic attacks which caused me to go to the hosp several times cause i thought i was having an asthma attack. the docs say my lungs sound fine, but i cant even take out the garbage without getting out of breath. i was prescribed flovent, its been 4 weeks and no improvement. i had another severe panic episode last week and was given paxil. its been 7 days and today i notice improvment. my panic attacks were daily, today i actually felt good lol. i guess they working for my panic attacks, but the shortness of breath is still there.

today i start champix, but am leary because of all the ''horror'' stories, plus im on paxil and not quite sure if its good idea to take both at same time. maybe i should wait until i am done the 30 day paxil treatment before starting. what you guys think?

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Hi Pacfan:)

Really pleased to hear thet the panic attacks are now under control and you feel good today

Quitting will have a really huge affect on your asthma which will improve rapidly I don't suffer from it but there some on here that do and they report a massive improvement in their health


Marg xxxxxxxxx


hi , are you sure your breathing difficulties arnt related to your panic/anxiety attacks, anxiety disorder can make you feel like your short of breath or cannot get a deep breath, if this is the case the paxil will also help this in time. antidepressants can take a few weeks to kick in. as far as i know there isnt a problem taking champix and paxil , your doctor wouldnt have prescribed them both if there was adverse interaction but its always best to check with your pharmasist if your concerned. the quicker you get on the champix the quicker you can quit smoking. good luck and try not to worry youl be fine. Ive reached 7 weeks and have anxiety problems but feeling much better as time goes on. we'l support you here.


^^you know what, today i noticed big improvement in my breathing. i been taking paxil for a lil over a week. i hope i dont need these after my 30 days. i decided to wait till after i am done my paxils before starting my champix.

i dont wanna turn into one of those people who become dependant on paxil. have you ever read the stories...its scary. i dont wanna take any chances in combining the two drugs.

for now, i will reduce my smoking. today i smoked half a pack of number 7's. my usual is a full pack, sometimes more. for the next few weeks i will slowly reduce my smoking till i smoke 8 a day. than i will start my champix.

does that sound good? would my chances be higher of quitting.


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