No Smoking Day
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a little tip

well tried quitting smoking 5 times and never got past day 7:mad:

but i think ive seen the light.

im now on day 34:D ,and i think the reason being

i told my 7 year old boy im quitting,the look on his face:eek:

and now he rings me every day at dinner asking me (if ive had a fag today)

and when i say no he sounds fair proud of me,

so everytime a nico tw@t turns up in my head :mad: i think

how dissapointed my boy will sound on the phone if i tell him i have, that it passes with not too much trouble.

if any of you guys could try this tactic it seems to work for me cheers dave..

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Hi Dave,

I feel the same about letting my wee boy down............he's only 25, and 6ft 4...............he's been stopped since October 2008. I couldn't face him if I fail my quit now. Stay strong for your wee lad, he knows whats best for dad.;) Love J.x


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