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No Smoking Day
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Last Day Of Week 3

Well cant believe ive reached this far im soo pleased...Just wanna say this forum is helping me so much, im reading it everyday.

Ditched my patches last week and to be honest they havnt really bothered me, the nurse wasnt very happy and said i still need to be wearing them but i feel the need not. I am not giving into the nico-demons as they are, if i have a craving moment i log on here and read, i also think of my daughters who are so proud of me for stopping, there is no way i could let them down now after coming this far...Doesnt bother me at all now on a morning, the only time i still mainly crave is around 5pm possibly due to my husband who gets in from work and he goes straight out the back for a smoke, i can stand and chat to him but i still get that little thing saying 'smoke me' lol,, but nooooo i will not give in..anyways im going on a bit now so i be seeing you in month 1 wooooo.


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Well done, you'll be racking up the months before you know it!!!!


Hi Rach :D

3 weeks done and dusted that's great well done you

Off the patches as well so no nicotine left in your body either why couldn't that nurse just be happy for you after all you know best what you need

You're probably right and you crave a bit at 5pm because your OH comes in and has one


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


You have done brilliantly! Well done on ditching the patches. I felt much better after I did too. The 5pm urge goes! My husband is still smoking, at first I made him hide his smokes so I would not be tempted, but now, him smoking or seeing his smokes makes no difference to my mindset. Something I never thought I would say!


well done you are doing great, ditching the patches is such a good feeling. maybe try having a really nice hot choc or some fruit instead of your 5pm fag?



Well done

Hi Rachel Well done for quitting the patches,, I am on patches still after 24 days but feel as they are working will stick with them for now..... Will watch for your posts 1st to see how u get on :)


Thanks Guys, Everyone helps in there own ways, i read practically everyones posts and take hints and tips from them so thank you.x

And Hi Karen, yeh i ditched my patches over a week ago now, went to see my nurse last week and she wasnt pleased, she said i need to be on them for 3 months, cutting down gradually, but if i forgot to put them on and felt the need when i realised i would of stuck one back on but it didnt bother me at all.. If you feel the need still keep with them becouse you have come so far now well done x

Hope everyone is ok on this lovely morning xxxxxx


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