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I have been meaning to write about this all week.

As you can see from my sig. I have been using the activestop programme by Nicorette. For those who dont know, you sign up, read articles each day, complete a diary and some tasks i.e running upstairs. Each night they text to ask if you are smoke free and also send texts to chivvy you along.

I am always the first home of an evening and this was a major "danger spot" for me because I used to get in, grab a coffee and sit down with a smoke and enjoy the peace and quiet for 30 mins before daughter and husband arrive back! Instead I would sign on to Activestop have a read and do my diary.

After 28 days you kind of get dumped! No more signing on or signing off. Articles arent updated, no more diary etc.

I really felt lost and a little dumped! Their inhalator programme is for 12 weeks but the additional support is only for 4 weeks! Needless to say I have written to them!!

Thank goodness for this site! Now I come home and sign on here and have a good read!



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What a way to get dumped, without any warning too!:eek:

well i think they deserve a letter but look at the positive side,:D you havent sat craving and wishing for a smoke because you came on here and i think you will get lots more support from everyone on here and there is so much to read so you probably will want more than 30 mins of peace and quiet now! :rolleyes:(ha ha only joking):)



I have been fortunate in that I have found the quit so far quite a positive experience but can see that some people may feel a little lost without a "crutch" like the site was offering. I am making a joke out of it with friends but a little part of me is bit peeved that they do give you something like a days warning but I am sure they could find more stuff for the site if they really put their mind to it!

Its all in the letter to them!!! Lots of moral questions for them to answer!!!


i know how you feel about being 'dumped'. My nic nurse told me i dont need to see her after 12 weeks which was how long the patches program was. Do they not realise that support is needed even more when we finish the NRT. I am not surprised that people give up after they finish the NRT when they dont get the support. All the best to you and keep logging on to this forum where you will find all the support you need

Janet xxxxxx


I think a lot of people think ( never smokers) that once you have not smoked for x amount of weeks its all over. that is way I think anyone who works with stop smoking jobs should only be allowed if they are x smokers. We know what its like Lol.xxxxx


Hi nogard :D

You're doing great well done on 28days hope you're proud of yourself

I don't think you need that site anymore you sound so positive





Help is at hand on the forum, I spoke to my nurse last week who kind of said oh well you have given up now, do you still want a phone call in a couple of weeks, gggrrrrr! well no actually I dont as they were rubbish!

this forum has been more help than anything so keep posting x


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