No Smoking Day

Week 2 - Bring it on!

Hi everyone

I feel although I've moved up a year in school making it into the 'weeks', it's like going to big school!!

Well, so far not too bad. I'm still feeling positive and have learned to recognise my 'weak' times of the day and try to change my routein. When I get a craving now I try to imaging that horrible taste of a cigarette, or take a deep breath and pretend that I've just put one out. Seems to convince my pea brain and keeps me going!

Anyhow, the start of week 2, the sun is shining and I don't smell!

Hope you're all still there No Smoking Day quitters.

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Hi T T :D

Starting week 2 that's brilliant well done so glad you still feel positive even if you do feel like you're in a big school although come to think about it I guess that's about right as we're all learning not to smoke as to the way you beat a crave whatever works for you is great




Well done, the 1st week is usually the toughest so to get that under your belt is great.

Before you know it you'll be racking up the months (moving up to sixth from college) and then you'll be on to a year (university)

All the best.



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