Smoke free,,,patch free,,,nicotine free!!!

Hi everyone,

Thought I post a wee note to let you all know how I'm getting on.

On day 12 now and feeling fine other than eating like a horse but I can worry about that excuse!!! ;) :D

On my 9th evening of giving up I sat down and went through the web links that Marg had given to me and I was that inspired that I pulled my patch off. I found that I was only delaying the effects and that weather its 9 days or 9 weeks, I still have to go through withdrawals when I stop using the patch.

So I said what the hell and pulled the patch off and said to myself I would rather go through nicotine withdrawal now when I am in the zone, rather that 9 weeks when maybe I feel that I depend on it.

It said that it would take 72hrs for the nicotine to leave my body from the patch so I can finally say that I am now on day 12:


Thanks everyone for keeping me going everyday!!!



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  • Hi Eileen :D

    Not only sre you a non smoker but also nicotine free off the patches and all on day 12 well done you that's wonderful I hope you are proud of yourself a big hug is on it's way to you

    As you say you can sort out the eating like a horse later one thing at a time

    just keep going you are doing fine



  • Fantastic Eileen!

    You will soon feel SO much healthier and SO much wealthier too!

    Stick with it - remember any cravings you have are painless and they won't kill you - ciggies will.

    Keep strong

    Nicki x

  • thanks

    Thanks Marg & Nicki

    yep feeling good and well done you two :D :D



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