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How good does it feel !

It feels so good to make it to the stage where you can post in Month 1.

I'm now on Day 21 so at the start of week 4. To look down that list on the home page from day 1 all the way to Month 1 really reinforces how far you have come.

That is a goal in itself, make it from Day 1, to 2, to 3, to week 1 and so on. It gives you real satisfaction I must say.

I think those that are really positive and doing well can help just as much as those posting for help/support/comfort and so on, it can be just as powerful reading how someone is really nailing it, all over it and not allowing anything to get in the way of their goal - stopping for good.

I have personally found getting back into fitness really helps heighten the sense of you feeling better, which as we know is just gives added reinforcement and keeps you away from those nasty ciggies as you know you can't achieve real fitness and vitality again if you touch them.

Week 1 I rewarded myself with running shoes and walk everyday a solid 40 minutes, I've already noticed how much my fitness has improved. Today my reward for another week was a waist bag/water bottle holder.

I've made a dead set commitment to gaining my fitness back and if I become a little obsessed by it for now then so be it, better than sitting at home when the nico-demons will strike.

Out on the footpaths they're nowhere to be found, only clear breath and the road ahead.

The other upside to this is that you go further into those fat stores which they say store nicotine that normally takes 6 months to go. Better work at it and get rid of it all earlier rather than later I think !

I've chosen to take this as a real challenge, and when I get those temptations I am being tempted into failure, I make no mistake about this..I will not fail but succeed and with this success will come better health, a longer life, more money in my pocket, more energy and so on and so on...

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Hi Gstar :D

Goodmorning you sound really upbeat I am so happy for you at the start of week 4 you will soon be counting in months that's great well done

You are right in saying that those doing well and posting their triumphs do help those posting for help and support as it lets them know that they too can beat those sodding demons so well done and keep up the good work




Woohoo, look at you Gstar!!

What a really positive post and filled with loads of encouragement for other quitters too. With that mindset you should continue to do well in this period were you are getting life back.

Remember to continue to post your success 'cos you're right, others do take from positive messages. But also more importantly remember to post here if you have any concerns or just want a boost from others - you will certainly deserve it.

You are a STAR :cool:


hi 73,,wow,in to your first month,,it does feel good,,i should kow,im in to my 4 month for posting,,you seem to have you mind set on never to smoke again,,your post will give hope to lots of newbies just starting there quit,,keep the faith tony keep


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