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Made it to Day Two! :D


Hello!! I'm Dan i've been smoking since i was 15 im now 20.

The last couple of years the number i smoke has slowly creeped up to a packet of 20 a day. Getting out of breath walking up the stairs at my age was the final straw!

I've tried many times to stop in the past with no success.. never made it past day 1 :eek:

I have tried the patches, lozenges and the inhaler again with no success..

So last Tuesday i went to see my doctor and hes prescribed me Zyban.

After a bit of reading up on it i was a bit reluctant to take it, luckily i've had non of the bad side effects a lot of people have had.

I quit yesterday at 8.45am after taking Zyban for a week.

Day 1 - I felt fine no problem at all maybe because i had that 1st cig of the day to get me through??

Day 2 - Missed the morning cig but no real craving for it.

Kept busy in work and i've not wanted one at all, again missed going for one but never really needing one.

I'm now home and get the occasional craving and that feeling in my chest that tells me i need a cig but a few deep breaths and its gone.

I'm feeling confident this time! :D

I know it's early days but i know this is it!

I've found reading a lot helps too and having a good rant seems to work as well :p

Bring on Day 3!!

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well don Dan!!

keep it up you are doing really great xxxx

Hi Dan

Welcome to the forums and a huge well done on deciding to quit :)

Not heard alot about zyban on here, but im guessing it works similar to champix which i know as proven very sucessful on here.

Good luck with your quit hun, post often and keep us up to date on how you are doing.



Well done Dan on deciding to quit. I really wish I'd quit when I was only 20. Think of the money you will save. Since I was 20 (21 years ago) I bet I have spent over £15000 on cigarettes - that is a lot of shoes/a car/several holidays etc etc.

Keep it up - you can do it.

Well done Dan,you are doing well,keep it up.

Hi all thanks for the words of encouragement :)

Having a rubbish night very difficult to sleep.

Random question do/did any of you get this weird feeling in your throat the only way i can really describe it is like eating a pack of mints and going out in the cold and taking a deep breath :confused: i only seem to get this feeling at night.. maybe im just not used to breathing clean air lol that or the Zyban has made me loose my mind

Hi Dan :)

Welcome to the forum and well done you on day 2 you will find this place a big help as we all help each other yes as you say reading helps and the odd rant is good and no one minds on here all we want is for people to stay quit You ask is zyban making you loose your mind because of a weird feeling in your throat the answer is NO it is just breathing fresh clean air something non of us did as smokers

All the best


Hi Dan,

I too am on day 2 of quitting, I am on Champix which is similar in the way to take Zyban.

I quit on day 9 of taking the Champix and have had a few side effects, none of which are hard to bear and a small price to pay for not smoking anymore.

Like you i am taking 2 tablets a day and if you feel you sleep is affected then make sure you take tablet 2 around 8pm as it can disturb your sleep if you take it before bedtime. I am also taking herbal sleeping aids to combat any sleep disturbance as well.

You may get the odd annoying thing that may or may not be connected to the Zyban (you mention the feeling in the back of your throat?) if it is bothering you then just find something to distract or combat it. Have a mint so the feeling IS connected to a minty fresh breath. I get a bit of wind (oi, top half!! lol) not long after taking Champix and i bugs me a bit but i tackle it by having a boiled sweet and it takes my mind off it.

WELL DONE and keep it up!

I take mine at 7.30 and then at 3.30pm lol!! Well some rubbish nights will be worth it in the long run :D I have the most bizarre dreams as well.

Hi Rebecca

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit I also quit with the help of champix we all help each other on here read as much as you can as it really helps

All the best


Hi Margaret many thanks for your intro.

How did you find the Champix?

I have very few side effects luckily, i did read a review site on the treatment and saw the common ones and prepared myself with the advice freely given.

Sorry, didn't mean to hi-jack your thread Dan :p

Margaret- i do have an introductions thread running if you would like to compare notes? :cool:

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