Eighteen months done

Hello all,

Just realised that on Friday I entered my 19th month, so now officially a year and a half smoke free. It continues to amaze me I am this far along, but once you've hit that zone its a doddle, and with the amount of peeps making it to the 1 Year + recently, this place has never been so full of successful quitters.

Keep it up everyone, from the Day One'rs to the One Yearers!


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  • Hi SV

    great to hear about your successful quit-its always good to hear!!!

    thanks for sharing this fantastic milestone-another 1year and 2months (ahhhh!)

    i will be in that position:D

  • An awesome achievement, Well done bud!


  • Inspirational Supervillain.!!!!

    Big Congrats!!!

  • Hi

    Hi SV!

    i cant believe its 19 months for me as well! Where has the time gone lol

  • Hi Supervillian and Sandie

    CONGATULATIONS to you both on reaching 19 months

  • Congratualtions SV

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