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Last day of Week 4

Haven't posted much this week and it's been the most "thoughtful" week, in the sense that I have had more thoughts about smoking this week than any other which took me by surprise a little but, understand why.

So, week 5 starts tomorrow and I'm feeling more confident today, even though I've got yet another sore throat and more "quitzits" to add to my collection, I'm not willing to go through this all again so, back to positive posting, focussed and enjoying my new found!!;) (makes it all worth while!)

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Well done you, where has the time gone.

Next week marks a calendar month for you, fantastic.

Hang on in there its a journey this quitting lark, plenty of phases to go through along the way.




Very well done to you Kittycat. 4 weeks is a big achievement. I am following your progress quite closely as I am pretty convinced that you have your head on straight enough to make it work.

Congratulations :)


I am following your progress quite closely

:eek:Stalking again Stuart?:eek:

Only kidding, I agree that kittycat does seem to be doing rather well with this quit.


:eek:Stalking again Stuart?:eek:

It would be a waste of my talents not to......



OH NO!! I never realised!!:eek:




hiya, just wanted to say hello and 'check in' for the weekend, just been out clubbing in manchester, first smoke free all nighter! very chuffed , and no cravings too which was great, my mates must have smoked 30 cigs each tonight! anyhow hav a great sunday , im off to kip all day xx carol-anne x:):):D


Hi Cat your doing great and im really proud of you xxx


Great going on getting to week 5,keep it up.

2 months before you know it.:D


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