No Smoking Day

2 Days into Week 4

Have had a couple of very minor relapses when drunk, both times having a couple of puffs, but aside from that feeling really good, and think I have learnt my lessons from those moments, as they tasted minging, even when drunk!!

Hitting the gym hard and doing alot of cardio, which is helping me out loads as I can see a tangible increase in my help ie - can run for longer, at a faster pace etc.... Am down to maybe three or four craves a week now..

Really chuffed with my progress, think this may be the one :)

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Good work Kingbee,

Careful not to have any more relapses, the danger is that they tend to increase to the point where you end up bing a regular smoker again.

Well done,



I'm afraid that I tend to be one of those people that say a single puff puts a quitter back to day 1, even a quitter who has been quit for a decade - because if you smoke you can't be quit. I tend to be a bit black and white about it...

I've been there myself, and I am the same way about past quits I have made as well.

I know it's a harsh way to be, but it's the way I think about my own quit - so it's the same way I think about anyone elses.

I know it's not what you want to hear, and I'm sorry for that - and at the end of the day, as long as you are happy with your progress then that's all that really counts.

As long as you are happy that these lapses are not a problem, congratulations.


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