No Smoking Day
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well i got to day8 and it all went horribly wrong my 11 month old daughter was rushed to hospial as she became unresponsive i dont think thats how its spelt by you know what i mean.

i was in pieces and like a tit started smoking again she is fine now and is back home but i now need to set a new date.

god help me i have to do day3 for the 3rd time (shit!!) oh well maybe it will be 3rd time lucky


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Jeezus Jill that is terrible, hope the little 'un is ok now?

I don't blame you for starting again, but make sure you get on the wagon soon!

Wkd ;)


thanks guys she is fine now one of the kids left door open and she got hold of a persil liquid tab nhs told me she would be fine as they are listed on there system as low toxic but then she passed out and i couldnt wake her then her breathing went really shallow.

never felt that kind of fear before and i hope to god i never do again she was just so lifeless cant get it out of my head but i willsetnew date just taking a couple of days to calm down.

sorry went off on one then lol thanks for reading my rantings



Hardly a rant - i would have keeked myself.

Glad she's come to no harm, kids eh?


Poor you! I am so glad your wee daughter is ok now.

Take your time, no pressure, think things through and I am sure you will soon be in the right zone to stop for good :)


hi jill,

really please she ok. dont beat your-self up about smoking, just how it go.

but 3rd time luckly who know. keep going you will get there;)



Hi Jill

My heart gose out to you love her soooooo really pleased alls well now. I do understand caved after almost 6 months last year when my son was resusatated( Not sure how to spell it) after a big fit worse feeling ever to think your child is so ill. Start again when you feel ready we will be here for you. My thoughts are with you. Linda xxxx


Hi Jill,

Sorry to hear about what's been happening.

Don't leave it too long before you challenge the habit again!

Bill X:)


Awe poor Jill, i hope she is ok now,

kids bounce back so quick. hope your new date will be a good one for you.:D


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