The Easter bunnies

Hi all you gorgious people who stopped smoking

specially those who stopped smoking arround Easter:)

There is a new team

the Easter Bunnies

at the moment - Robertb - landedout/Mark and me

who ever wants to join - just let us know

it's more fun to do it together

ps- Mark how do you want to be in the signature as landedout or as Mark ?

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  • She got a team! :D

  • Sure Mark :)

    and yes Fairy I found a wunderful team - you were right:)

  • Well done you lot rooting for you all. Linda xxxxxxxxx

  • Congrats to you all. Good luck and keep going

  • Morning :)

    I am fine - though could have slept much longer - since quitting smoking I swapt in the morning ciggarettes for computer

    I know what you mean Mark - I have more energy too - and even the initial sore throat , which was a result from quitting has passed

    I wish a great and smoke free day to all Easter Bunnies and to evrybody else as well of course :)


  • one of us


    could not resist - an easter bunny reading the posts in the forum :D

  • Hi Sunny, can you put me down as Mark, i cocked up the user name thing at the start and have not found a way of changing it, ho hum.



    if you contact no smoking day they will be able to change it for you

    or PM user name no smoking day

  • Good morning Team ( and evrybody else ) :)

    have a great day

    yesterday morning was actually the first time that I startet to really enjoy being a non smoker ~ before that it was more the thing to do - the logical solution - now I start feeling it :) - yeah there were a few cravings during the day - but it gets better with each day -

  • Hi Mark

    I too find the froum sometimes not very logical - cause actually you and we are already in the first month - like the first day is the first day ok - but what is here the 1st month forum should actually be the 2nd month forum

    so to cut a long story short

    congratulations for not smoking for 3 weeks:D- will be tuesday for me

    and don'tshoot the dog buy him a bone or something to chew on :D

    and yes Robert it does get easier from day to day - though sometimes I wished it would go quicker - am impatient:rolleyes:


  • Good morning team and evrybody else :)

    we had a great evening yesterday - business talk in a private home - business includes health care products and of course nobody smoked - and neither did I

    was really proud of myself that I did not need to sneak out for a ciggy and just could enjoy the evening without missing maybe important info

    not even a single puff for 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 3 hours, 57 minutes and 37 seconds (18 days). I have saved £72.65 by not smoking 363 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 6 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/03/2008 07:25

  • I'll be with you in 2 days :D

  • well done Robert!! :D

  • good, almost off it now, taking half a pill when i remember!

    just addicted to airways gum now! :eek:

  • me too

    Good morning team :)

    now all Easter Bunnies are in the limbo - meaning having past the 3 weeks mark :D

    have a great smokefree day

    best wishes


  • Well done on your three weeks. Linda xxx

  • Thanks guys:)

    together we make it - for you 2 other bunnies it's not much longer to the month mile stone - and I will make sure that I follow the bunny trail :D


  • I am glad that you start feeling more positive Robert :)

    and Mark I like your new nik :)

  • OMG how cute is that bunny !!! hes adorable I WANT ONE ! awwww xxxx

  • Those are sooo fake! :rolleyes:

  • good morning :) team - have a great smokefree dancing day :D

    and Fairy I guess the guys prefer fake to nothing :D:p

  • where are the Bunnies ?

    Are there still some Easterbunnies arround ?

    or are you already in the next category - meaning the 1st month one ?

  • Aaaah. Do you want the bad news or the worse news?

    As far as I can make out, Mark has pretty much said he's not going to be posting any more, and RobertB appears to have been banned from the site, don't know why. Sorry.

    Never mind, though, there was only ever 1 person in my team, I made it up because I felt left out :)

  • Gawd Sunny, you have no luck whatsoever! I'm putting you on my sig now! LOL :D

  • Thanks guys for th info

    well so I have to change the info

    but won't give up th hop for a team

    I am hanging in there

    I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 12 hours, 10 minutes and 50 seconds (27 days). I have saved £110.02 by not smoking 550 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 21 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/03/2008 07:25

  • Yep, i've adopted her because she's had no luck whatsoever with teams, and at this stage we are all reasonably well into the quit.

    I'm a big softie lol ;)

  • Thank you Fairy

    I will do my best to be worthy for your team

    and I will change my signature now :)

    love Clivia

  • You're welcome! And we'll not abandon you lol :p

  • ((((((Fairy)))))))))

    good to be in your team :)

    and good to know that you won't abandon a lonley easter bunny - although my strongest power animal is the tiger :D

  • Sweet!! (((Sunny))) :D

  • Hey :D

    great to have you back (((skygod))))

    I was so nicely adopted by Fairy - cause it looked like that I remained the only easter bunny - and I love this new team 17

    - however as you see in my new signature I am still also a bunny :D

    best wishes


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