No Smoking Day


Oh dear. My other half is at the hospital following a minor collision in his car this morning. He's miles away and I'm just waiting to hear from him. I don't think he's badly hurt - sprained hand or something although the car's a right off.

Bizarrely it wasn't until someone said to me "now don't go off and have a fag because of the stress" that I realised that smoking hadn't even entered my mind even with the stress!!

Wish me luck for the rest of the day.

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Oh dear Tam, so sorry to hear OH has had an accident. I hope he is OK. Shame about the car - only thing to remember is cars can be replaced, people can't.

Congratulations on not smoking. It just proves that in the event of stress, you really can survive without the fags.

I am on week 3 now and feeling great. Smoking barely entres my head now.

Wish OH better soon.



(((Hugs)) for hubby - I am sure he will be ok :)

WEll done to you for realising that having a fag would not change the situation you are in and would not make you feel any better - in fact, if you did have one, it would only make you feel so much worse!!!!:eek:

Keep up the good work, and look after hubby (if he's a typical man then he'll need lots of TLC :rolleyes:)


Hi Tam - sorry to hear about O/H. Trust he is okay. As Samo says you can replace a car but not people. Give him a hug from me. With all these hugs he's getting he should be well on the way to recovery:D:D:D


sorry to hear that, wish him well, and well done you for not smoking at a

time like this, you should be very please with yourself. let us know how he

is doing..... [ BEST OF LUCK TO YOU BOTH ]

Alan :) :) :) :)


Good Luck for the rest of your quit!! If you can get through a day like today without chuggin on a woodbine then you can do it forever!


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