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week 5 ?? Month 2


I think that I am now in month 2, stopped 1st Jan............. 4 weeks ago, the last few days has been more difficult then any others. I am trying to hang on in there, seems every waking hour is a struggle and I am constantly reminding myself of why I stopped but the devil in my head is saying go on have one. Constant fighting going on up there. Is there anyone experiencing the same as me at this stage?????????????

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Thanks for your words of support robertb, I really found the first 3 weeks not easy but a whole lot easier than now, I am new to all of this forum stuff, never been on anything like this before,, it all seems like rocket science to me posting, threads etc..... joined last week. Your right though, I know that 4 weeks is pretty good, iv smoked for 25 years, but feel really miserable and sad, how are you feeling???


Hi Shirley and welcome to Month 2! You're doing just great and should be extremely proud of yourself... you're struggling a bit at the moment but it really does get easier if you can hang in there! Keep strong:)


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