No Smoking Day
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A Poem of the truth about smoking

At last i quit the coffin nails,

Those dreaded cancer sticks,

I yeild to them no longer,

I shall not require a "fix"

My master is not cigarrettes,

from now on it's me

It is I who rules my life and i shall live it smoke free.

Was it hard to stop? you betcha, every single day.

Some minutes seemed like hours

till the cravings went away.

I conjoured up so many excuses to give in,

but I was so determined that tobacco would not win.

And now three weeks has passed and i am finally smoke free.

The fog has lifted from my life,

it was worth the agony.

Of course the cravings come + go

and will do for a time,

but I'm no longer listening,

to start again would be a crime!

Already in just three weeks (and smokers, you may scoff),

in health and wealth, in self esteem,

i find i'm better off.

My life belongs to me now,

I must have been so thick,

to be a slave to nicotine,

that smelly cancer stick.

And finally a warning,

and I say this in good heart,

if you have never ever smoked,

then never, ever start.

If you think that it's cool to smoke, then just try stopping it,

you'll find it easier not to start than smoking is to quit.

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great poem

That is a great poem, I am going to print it out and put it on my wall!

Thanks for sharing


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