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week 2 - the hardest?????

aaaaaah. have been and bought cigs today. i haven't had one (luckily) but was so going to. had cravings constantly for three days now. went to garage intent on having a cig. god im finding this so hard. it was fine at first - the first week - but now it just seems like the longer i last the more i need one. I hate cigarrettes. why the hell did i ever start? :(

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Bin the cigerettes now. Its too tempting otherwise. I know week 2 is hard but you did week 1 so you can do it.

Why did we all start smoking!!!! what a stupid thing for us to do and we never in a million years expected it would be so hard to stop. xxx


hey hun. the difference this time is i have this forum + i know it sounds really stupid but it helps me so much!!!!! i think thats why i had such bad cravings cos my comp broke + i couldn;t get on the net + when i have a bad craving this is what i do - come on here. but without it (about 4 days) i have felt lost! :p


I completly understand. I need this forum to help me with my quit. Everyone here knows exactly how I feel.


yeah it sounds really selfish but it makes me feel better that other people are going through it too. sorry!!!! dont wish this on my worst enemy!!!!!!

im using the patches + if craving gets too bad i have a quater of a lozenge just to take the edge of it.

i will throw out the cigs now. you're right. they shouldn't be here. ****ing 2.50 wasted. blah :mad:


i know. well thats only been these last few days since the cravings got bad. i just had some left over from upstairs. now my bro is telling me that the patches are a con to keep you smoking + if i really wanted to stop i would just stop without them but i cant, i really cant i have tried to stop before going cold turkey and it doesn't work. god i had so much confidence to do this but now it's at an all time low :(


Thats good that you are chucking the cigerettes. I am on patches too and they do help. I could not do cold turkey. Keep going we can all do this together. x


i hate it when people try to tell you how to do it. my bro thinks he's really clever cos he quit + you know how they say that smokers who quit are the worst..... ha ha lol. he also said i shouldn't be sitting on here talkng about cigs but what does he know.

i honestly dont know where i would be without this forum. everyone is so understanding. and i definately don't need a cig as much as i did 2 hours ago!!!!!!! :p


Hi. l think that you must have to have a really, really strong willpower to go cold turkey. :( I know that l could not do it! I am on Champix, and although it is wonderful, some days are still a nightmare. I am a New Years Day quitter, day 21, but it is still very hard to stay focused on why we want to quit in the first place.:confused: . Coming on here, you realise that we all have a common bond - TO QUIT, AND STAY QUIT. :):)

Love Josie xxx


Well done Est x x x x I missed all this earlier but glad to see you through the otherside ;)

Well done to your bro on quitting too very good for him. But, its different for everyone! hence there are so many ways of quitting.

One method may work for one person but not another!! stick to your guns, hold your head high and keep going onwards and upwards x x

Stay strong keep busy ;)

Have you thought of doing something new or different? art, jigsaw puzzles or such like?

~Buffy x x


I do sometimes think that i shouldnt be here talking about it but it really does help.

I know i dont really know all these people but i do feel that i would be letting them down as well as my self if i start smoking again. We are a little team:D


:Dflippy exactally. if i were to start again i would have to come on here and tell you all and i would feel like i'd let you all down (even tho i know you would all carry on being your supportive old selves!)

I am so glad i use this forum cos before when i bought some cigs (duh!) i prob would have had one but i thought no, go on the forum first and tell them you have and then if you still want one, have one. and you know what I didn't need one after that cos I was too busy typing!!!!!



You do what it takes Babe your brother and you are two diffrent people he should be helping you. But thats brothers always know best (I dont think) HEHE I have three and they all try and tell my 6 sisters and myself what to do we just say yea ok what ever you stick with us. Xxxxxxxxx


awwwwww thank you for making me laugh guys!!!!!

and your right my brother doesn't know what he is talking about!!! he thinks he knows it all just cos he's 8 years older than me!!!!

well today im feeling a lot more confident that i have done recently. i went through a very difficult couple of days and had bad cravings but i seem to have got through the other side thank god!

and it is nearly a full two weeks!!!! hurrah!!!!!!!! x x x :)


Hey est4elvis congrats for resisting the temptation to smoke, you have done SO well you should be very proud of yourself :eek:

You bro is a lil pain in the a$$ :D But he did very good indeed and on a bright note, think about it, if an ex smoker can become that obnoxious it means the addiction can be really overcome ;):)

Stay strong!!!


So glad you are feeling more positive x x x x

He is '8 male' years older, which makes him positivly less mature than you :p

*duck* sorry boys x x x x :p


ha ha ha ha ha lol!!!!!!!! yeah he can't help being male can he? (ouch!)

on a serious note tho he has done very well so fair play to him. just was bad timing when he said all that cos i was struggling with the cravings sooooooooooooooooooooo much when he said it + i was like aaaagh, give me a break!!!!!!

but then i came on here, i threw away the cigs and took a deep breath and got through.

it helps me so much when i get messages of support cos then i get all giddy that i have achieved something and it makes me think i can really do this!!!!!!

thank you guys u r angels, really. i will buy u all a kit kat when we get through this!!!!!!!

x x x x x x x x x :D


Well, it comes with a promise,

I want to see you through your wedding, pictures and all!! :p

~Buffy x x x x x

P.s I prefer Wispa ;)


wispa it is!!!! lol. but........

i will show u the wed pix n by then i will have white teeth, fresh skin and hair, smell gorgeous and be good enough to eat!!!!!!! yay!!!! x x x:D


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