Yipee Day 2

Hi there,

Reaching day two is great, although, really not feeling great! Bad headache, feeling sick and very ratty - I presume is the Champix combined with not smoking. Normally take Rennie for sickness, it works a treat but have run out - just sent hubby to chemist for some more and some nurofen! Read another post about drinking lots of water - will try that - makes sense about flushing the toxins out of your body.

Would like to go back to bed but have my two beatiful kids in need of their mummy. I have Dora the explorer on one tv and Bob the builder on the other - anything to keep them quiet for half hour while I get my act together!

Am sure I'll be much better later.

Have a good day.



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  • Keep it going Iwant2b3,

    It can be tough going especially with little ones about. Love em endlessly but sometimes the little horrors can push you to the limit and it's so easy to get yourself to the state of reach for the fags time. Keep your energy up, try not to get yourself over tired, you are really doing well, it does start to get easier even after 7 days where I am today. Concentrate on all the positives, I always felt so guilty when I hugged my 4 year old and my cloths stank of fags.

    Kind rgds,


  • Thanks for your encouragement John.

    My kids are 4 and 3 and are really good kids (at the moment) sure it will change when they start school! When you mentioned about the stench on your clothes, I used to smoke outside and the kids used to cough when I came indoors and say "phew mummy you smell"! they also used to minic me smoking - not good aye!

    I am determined to stick with it, I don't want to smoke anymore and want to be around for my kids when the grow up.

    Can't wait to get 1 week under my belt. Well done you - keep up the good work! Are you using any alternative to help you give up?



  • Yep I was the same, big dirty metal bucket outside the back door, but did not stop me smelling when I came back in.

    Method wise I cut down from Marborough Lights to Silk Cut a week before quitting. I just found myself sucking harder on them LOL. So went for it in the end Cold Turkey style. No method is any better than anyother..... It the one that works that is the right one :). Keep going with it, Christmas/New Year is always a tricky time to find excuses to light up .... but you have a real advantage here being ahead of the game and lots to feel proud of yourself for.

    Kind rgds,


    I have so far saved over £40 and would have smoked 150 plus cigs by now in just over 1 week!

    you may find a cigarette calculator helpful for you to see how far you have come.

  • Well done on day 2:)

    Try and just think about getting through today and when you go to bed think 'i did it'. Well that's what i did and it helped me, when having a bad craving i didn't think about getting through the next few days, or getting to a week i just concentrated on that day.

    I'm only on day 9 myself so a long way to go.


  • well done IW2B3 espacioforos.miarroba.com/2...

    Day 2 is tough and there's a chance that Day 3 will be too .. that's what lots of folk say but after that it just gets easier and easier! Promise!:D

    And it is worth it, and so are you!

  • is it day 3 now? bet your kids have already noticed how much fresher you'll be smelling - hold onto that when things get a bit tough. and lots of fruit juice, it really helps to balance out the sugar levels for the first few days. nicotine (somehow, don't ask me how!) affects how we use sugar, so when you cut out the nicotine your sugar levels go haywire which doesn't help with mood, energy, headaches, etc. make sure hubby's looking after you well - after all, he's getting a lovely smokefree wife for christmas!!

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