No Smoking Day

2 Months Steveh!!!!

YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE SUPER STAR - oops SUPER PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!! You have gone 2 whole months without a ciggie!! Unreal buddy!! You are doing amazing on this no smoking have beat that crazy nic demon! I am sooooo proud of you!

BIG HUGS for you my friend. You go buy something frilly for yourself now :p

Have a great day hun!

On to Month 3!!

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Is it really? Gosh... seems like only yesterday. Hey, thanks NS4M, you are close behind and bearing down, I can see you there. We're doing just great! And we're going to carry on doing just great.


Yay Steveh, congratulations!!! I am SO glad to see you stronger than ever :)

You and NS4M are my closest shining stars, always inspiring me to keep up, guiding me through the way :D


418 awww thanks Frances!



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