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Just thought I'd stick my head round the door


Well here we are, month 3 and still not had even a little puff. I actually feel a little bit guilty as I have found my quit fairly simple. I do still think about smoking just about every day but there's no way am I gonna do it again. I'm too busy spending the ridiculous amount of money I'm saving from my 40 a day habit to consider stinking and coughing again. (63 days @ £4.75 per pack = £598.50 saved)

Good luck all


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Well Done Martin x x x x great confidence too !!!

Hows the bike?!

~Buffy x x

Amazing - keep going along you are doing super!

Ah, the bike.............


I must admit, I haven't been on it for a couple of weeks. There is a reason though......


I have been putting decking in the back garden evenings and weekends and its nearly done so the bike will be back very soon.


Ah forgiven :D

Decking!! cool! I love decking

Looks well posh innit :D


Glad the bike will be back out soon x x

~Buffy x x

Aw, it was SO good to read your post Jacque_Schidt :D

I too am finding my quit fairly simple so far, maybe because like you I quit after a great, relaxing vacation, who knows :p I try and be always alert though, because it's too early to feel safe - the nic demon is not dead yet, just lurking somewhere in the back of my mind :D

But we are strong, oh yeah ;)

Hi Martin,

Good to see you're still with us!:)

Keep up the good work!:D

Hi Martin

So great to know your doing so well keep up the good work Linda xxxx

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