No Smoking Day

Week 2

Not posted for a while as I've been busy.

We'll I'm on day 10 now and things are def getting easier. The cravings aren't so intense and I've even been rounds to my mates houses who all smoke and managed to resist. Had a busy/stressful day at work today and would have loved 1 on the way home so I'm not kidding myself by thinking it'll be easy from here but I do feel better.

I'd def recommed going cold turks for those who can hack it as you get rid of the nicotine in your system much quicker (I've had mulitiple failed attempts with NRT) but i know this don't work for everyone.

My real test is gonna come this weekend when I'm going out for some drinks and watching the footy. Any advice on how to manage your cravings while drunk would be great!!

Keep the faith peeps,


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Well done rich x x

I reckon you got it sussed!!

Enjoy your week end out smoke free x x

~Buffy x x


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