No Smoking Day

What to do with myself

Quit for 2 weeks now, Good times.

Talking from personal exp i have no problems with not smoking @ work, I dont really struggle too much @ home but i often just sit there and think what can i do to pass the time?? :confused: This only really happens during the evenings,Trouble is i get really angry and snappy of which my partner doesnt really deserve( bless her ).

Anyone else have experiences like this and what did u do 2 combat the problem.

On a positive note im taking my bike test soon and cant wait to carve up the road.:D

Good luck all


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Hi Andi and welcome to our happy community!!

Congratulations on your quit and we are all behind you to succeed.

I find that I have listened to loads of music when I want a smoke or when I'm feeling a bit low - all those cd's haven't listened to for years, or buying all the new ones you kept saying 'Must get that' and never did. Note do not listen to James Blunt or similar as tooo sad music.

Do you go to the gym cos I bet that would be a good place to go to work out a lot of the stress from the quit and also you would feel the benefits of not smoking very quickly due to your better breathing etc; and you'd get a buff body into the bargain!!

Well done!!



Hi there good luck with your quit...:D

How about a Nintendo DS - soon bought with your saved pennies from not smoking- Brain Training or Brain Academy are good for taking your mind off of things. So you will be nice smelling and a brain box - both good side effects from not smoking.

Don't worry about being ratty - I just warned everyone that I might be and apologised in advance to them and said that whatever I was going to say I probably didn't mean it.

Good luck - if I can stop (albeit with mind altering drugs) anyone can!

End of day 11 - not evening thinking about ciggies tooooooo much now - although I did sniff at my remaining menthols today, then put them away again!


Congrats andy, be strong and it will get better! I guess we quit the same day as today is the end of week 2 for me too ;)

As far as the evenings, you shoud really try and do what you used to do before quitting. I spent the first days of my quit like that too, feeling anxious and nervous, unable to focus on anything at all until bed time - then I kind of snapped out and realized that I could do the same things as before by simply removing the one obstacle precluding it --> my anxiety about it :rolleyes: The sooner you allow yourself to realize that the dear old routines are still there to reassure you even though you don't have a cig in your mouth anymore, the stronger you become :)


Thx all

Its nice to know people are in the same boat.

Its good to talk about the problems too,Kind of like therapy without the shrink and the stonking bill.

Not that ive had therapy btw.

15 days now, thats about £80 in my save the lungs tin.:D


Well done andi606616,

You are doing great,

Keep it up mate!

Befly xxxxxxxxxx


EXCELLENT JOB!!!! Keep it up, you are doing great.


Way to go Andi x x

Whats you going to do with your £80??



Hi Andi

just got drawn to this thread by the word 'bike' :D That's all you'll need to take your mind off the giving up! Which route are you doing, Direct Access? and when are you doing it - any excuse for a party...

Soon you'll be spending so much time enjoying life on 2 wheels that you'll forget you ever sm**ed. ;) Good luck on both counts - giving up and passing your test:)


Hi Andi and welcome

Don't worry about the snappyness, I'm sure your partner would rather having you snapping, then killing yourself with nasty cig's.


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