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Week 2

Week two, i have made it. when i first say week two on this site, i laughed thinking i would never make it, but im here and feeling darn good. My family is proud of me especially my mom (who still smokes) but i am trying to get her on zyban. No more wheezing, little bit of coughing as well, but thats 12 years of smoking built up. this site is awesome. everyone has made me feel so much better during the last 9 days. still got some work to go, but im just about there. Its good being a non smoker :D

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hI Harpe

How fast the time passes well done. Two weeks thats great

Keep up the good work and let us know how your going

Linda linda


Hi harpe. I went into weeek 2 today and I am also taking zyban. Its seems to bwe working well 4 me. Tell me does it make you forget about smoking? I also

don't seem to get all thease nasty side effects people talk about. I had a few crappy days in the beginning but I think that was more nicotine withdrawal rather than a zyban side effect. All in all I reckon it is the best thing I've taken to stop smoking!


2 weeks is great,and because you are on zyban ,all nicotine is long gone out of your system


Zyban has also some good side effects for some.


helllo agiain

Zyban /wellbutrin has been amazing. There are some positive side effects, cant mention on here because a family site, but i recomend wellbutrin/zyban to people wanting to quit smoking. I have had no side effects from it, no bizarrre dreams or night sweats... and yes it has taken my mind off smoking. I am able to be around people that smoke, and the best thing is.. i dont want one.


I know what you mean


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