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Medical costs


I have NHL for over 2 yrs. I still work full time. I am 64. My husband is retired. Do any of you find the deductibles and out of pocket money almost makes me want to stop anymore treatment. I was to have a CT in January but canceled because they wanted my $2000 deductible up front. She said then it would be taken care of for the rest of the year. I told her I could not pay that much because I was still paying on last year bills. So she said I should go on MCR disability!! I don't want that when I can still work.i get so frustrated. Just needed to vent to someone who understands. I will find a way.

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I am already on disability because of myasthenia gravis. My copay for Ibrutinib is over $2900 for the first month. Then it goes down to $547 which is better but I'm already on payment plans with three hospitals. Going on disability does not solve

Any problem that I can see😟

So sorry ,

I am in remission NHL. Since last July.

I thank God my insurance pays all at 100%.

jmcobb50 in reply to R615-r1122_

Do you have Medicare? What insurance plan do you have that covers 100%?

R615-r1122_ in reply to jmcobb50

I have Medicare and United plan F .

It pays the balance after Medicare pays.

I went through 6 months of chemo , taking Rituxan & Bendamustine

Two days each month .all paid at 100%.

I know the feeling, however our finance office at oncology has helped to get some funding thru lymphoma/leukemia and the hospital. keep pursuing options for help and wish you the very best and continued healing..

There are many different plans and its frustrating...but you cannot put a price on your health.

Did you ever have treatment? are you on watch and wait.

I have had chemo and currently doing Retuxin for 5 months.

Tomatovilla, I am so saddened to read your post and the replies to it. I can guess at which country you reside in and can only hope that a single payer universal health care might someday become a reality. To have the worry of dealing with a major illness is enough let alone worrying about paying for the necessary diagnostic procedures and resultant treatment puts a tremendous burden on you when you are least able to bear it. 💔

Thank you ❤️ I will make it. Just kind of discouraged right now.

I totally get it. I am 58 and I started Rituxan rounds in Dec. 2016 and am now paying on a $16K bill. Now with two more years of Rituxan maintenance, I full expect to be paying on another $30K plus. This NHL has wiped out our retirement and now I get to worry about carrying a high debt load. I blame more than the insurance, I really think the drug companies are as bad as the oil companies. Sorry for blowing off.

Maybe you should compare other companies. I'm assuming you are using your employer's health plan. Since I'm on Medicare I also have United Healthcare and my co-pay is $50per visit for specialists. I know how frustrating insurance is but don't give up your treatment. See if they will agree to monthly payments. I am at stage 3 but was originally diagnosed in 1994, so there is hope. My best to you.

My husband had nhl during a time when I was unemployed. Spent all our retirement savings. Then I was dx with mcl. Been in remission 3 years and still paying the bills. Do tell your doctor about your concerns.

I truly sympathize with you. I got sick at 61 so had benefits till 65,two years ago. Went through all my savings for medical exp and to live as pensions not adequate. Living with daughter has helped a bit, but not everyone has that option. It's sad after working most of life, that life is so challenging, but on the upside we are still here to talk and enjoy what we can. I believe there's a lot of us out there, and it does help to talk to others!

I am sorry to hear about the cost of being sick. Where are you from. Here in Australia we don't have to pay. If you live 100 kilometers or more away from treatment or a doctors appointment we even get our fuel money back. The doctor just has to sign the form. Its a great system for country people.

Hope things get better for you and you will be able to relax and take life more easier for you

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