"I'm good"

I had had my three month visit with oncologists and she said my numbers are all good and I'm fine.

Someone said I should ask what my numbers are and it sounds crazy but I just need for her to tell me I'm good...I don't know want to worry about deciphering things, etc.

I was diagnosed in July 2015, on watch and Wait, one node in neck removed, no treatment.

had the lump since April 2015.... and that's how I stand.

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  • Glad to hear this. And I'm with you. As long as the doc says everything is good I can breathe again. (I have one round of chemo to go but so far she's happy, so I'm happy! )

  • I think you should go with how you feel. Some people want to know the fine detail while others don't. All the best. I was diagnosed in 2012 and had a lump removed from my neck. Bloods all good and no treatment 😊

  • You never had any treatment? just watch and wait like me.

  • Good news, Josie - if the bloods are good that's very positive. I'm on watch and wait but still have nodes up in my neck, but so far my numbers have been good. Next appointment at the end of May for me.I also leave it to the oncologist to analyse the results as I have enough to do with keeping myself well :-)

  • Thank god....

  • Josie2rurls, the only time I am aware of the numbers on my blood work is when something is not quite right and my oncologist advises me of such. I am mostly aware of my neutrophil count and my creatinine level because those are the two areas that are of concern to my general well being. I think if I had to know and absorb the results of my lab results, it would drive me bonkers! 😨 I am not one to borrow trouble and I only concern myself with what I need to concern myself with in order to simply live my life on a day to day basis.

    I am so happy that you are doing well and hope you will do so for many years to come.


  • I too had my yearly checkup in march and he said my bloodwork was excellent he moved me up to seeing him every two years. Bloodwork is still every three months. Anyway I thought I'd do the same ask for numbers and I told my husband I'm not, I'm trusting the docs and I too do not wish to analyze the crap out of this not at this point in the process. Still watch and wait and I'm moving on like it's gone for now because it could be 5,10,15 years before I need to worry about this. I will continue to be careful, paying attention to my health and how I'm feeling, eat healthy and exercise, do some hobbies I love and love my family, live life. Have a good day 😊

  • 👍 Awesome news!

  • Yes me too....

    I pretend its gone too...and I kinda believe it is...apoptosis...

    God bless

  • my doctor said it could be decades.......................

  • I hope your W&W lasts a long time. My wife's oncologist monitors her CBC, CMP, and LDH, paying particular attention to LDH, HGB, and platelets as progression indicators. He also asked my wife to report all symptoms of progression, like swollen lymph nodes, fever, unexplained weight loss, and drenching night sweats.

  • Wmay is your wife still doing the cart trial, I have a friend who was diagnosed not long after me but much more advanced. Chemo doesn't seem to be working. so is it up to the doc to decide cart is an option?

  • Yes, she will be in the NCT02659943 trial for 5 years. The trial is still accepting new patients. You can read about NCT02659943 at clinicaltrials.gov

  • Sorry is this Canadian or USA?

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, USA.

  • best to her

  • hi Josie since being diagnosed in early 2014 I have had lab results printed out in my Dr office and also the PET scan and other scans results.....they belong to us .and we are entitled to have them My Dr is very good at doing this for me....just ask ...

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