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Early menopause after Chemo for NHL

New to the group. I was Diagnosed in April 2016 with primary Mediastinal Large B Cell NHL in my chest ...large mass under breastbone and lymphnodes in collarbone area. After 6 rounds of chemo DA R-EPOCH ... was free and clear in Aug. But the chemo put me into early menopause and have had a hard time sleeping due to hot flashes and hormones fluctuations and heart racing. Makes me a little nervous... because my menopause symptoms mimic the symptoms I had before being diagnosed. On small dose of hormones.. but OBGYN doesn't want to do anything stronger and says there is a higher chance of blood clots after chemo for about a year.

Anyone else out there also having issues with going into early menopause and dealing with issues like this? Thanks!

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Hi, I have also gone into menopause after R-CVP with Follicular NHL. Will have last cycle (8th) in 2 weeks. I have been put on HRT but have been also told that I may have had a tiny stroke following 4th cycle (as my right hand became weak immediately following my treatment) . They said that blood becomes viscous during chemo. They don't have a problem with me being on HRT with chemo and even following the suspected stroke, and have advised me just to take 75mg aspirin to protect me from any further risk. This is also recommended as I am now 50. My hot flushes have significantly reduced in frequency from every half hour to a few per day and severity. Having been on HRT for about 2.5 months. My night sweats have also reduced from about 10 to 2 per night. I feel that they will further improve.


YES! It is the worst. I could not figure out what was going on and even asked my oncologist and he said that everything was fine with my blood counts etc.. but I have been sweating throught 3-4 shirts a night and started to get the hot flashes.. and sleep and then wake up for hours at night. It is so frustrating because I am fatigued from the chemo and not I am even more tired because I have not been sleeping through the night.


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