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Good Day Everyone :)

Good Day Everyone :)

God Day. My name is Randy Case. I as diagnosed wit "T Cell Lymphoma" little over two years ago. I was told" that chemo & radiation was going to start immediately. They caught it reasonably early on.

after seeing much of my family go through cancer treatments for various cancers, I was somewhat hesitant, but at nearly 57, I was not ready to give up. I am now going on 60 (less than two weeks away). I did go to see a Fully Certified Doctor Of Natural Medicine. Dr Tracy Palmer. Tracy had worked in standard medicine / oncology, before becomming a Natural Doctor. She put me on aregime of diet changes, life changes, vitamins; but, at the same time, advised me to also go through the chemo and radiation. SoI went ahead and had the harshest of chemo and radiation to follow. I have been going to follow up checks every 4 months since and, so far, I have remained clear. As a matter of note, I never once got sick when going through chemo. I never lost my apetite. I lost some body hair on my chest and legs, but none from my head, and although my shaving slowed down for an every othet day event, it kept growing. The radiation burned a bit during its course, but I managed. So far, so clear. I have maintained the diet changes; replaced sugar with Stevia (no sugar in my house), I don't eat processed foods or anything deep fried at all, I avoid citris fruits except for lemon juice which I drink twice daily ...2 oz mixed into purified water in the morning and again before bed ... the evening one has a teaspoon of baking soda mixed into it. I have maintained the vitamin routine daily, never varying from it ... and, so far, I am doing well. One other thing of note, I was able to retire early and concentrate on getting better, and I remain semi retired now. My wife, Chantal, was literally with me, daily, as I went through the treatments...right in the rooms with me. Now, they are trying to figure out how I did so well, so quickly. As with all situations of life, there was a LOT of prayer and faith involved. I am still doing well and hope to stay that way... I Live in Saint John, in the province of New Brunswick, on Canada's east coast, and we have a second home in Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia, on Canada's east coast as well (our two homes are about 4 hours apart) because of my wife's work. Life is Good, and Always Interesting, and Always Great. Don't discount the power of Natural Medicine, The Power of Prayer, and the Standard medicine used in todays world. They work well together, but quite poorly, apart.

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Hi Randy, I'm Dave from BC. I had a similar diagnosis back in 2008. So glad to hear you're moving forward. Every day is a blessing.

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