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Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Friends
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Hi everyone, my name is Hildegard and I would like to introduce myself. I love to crochet and knit, and I had follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4 since 2004.

I did 22 Radiation treatments after surgery to take out my salivary gland out. Then I went to almost 5 years and in 09 it came back it was in my bone marrow and everywhere. Then did more surgery and 8 rounds of R-chop . Then did immunotherapy Zevalin. I have been in remission since 09. Thank the Lord.

Looking forward to meeting all of you.

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Very glad to hear Zevalin worked for you. I had it 3/4 years go, very expensive treatment so was one of only 5 that year in our county to receive it. had stems cells removed first so transplant might be an option (as cannot collect stem cells after radioactive treatment like Zevalin). But it didn't seem to work for me -and neither did transplant later for any time to speak of.

Zevalin well worth considering as seems very good for those it works for, maybe they have a better idea now who/why it works well in some cases and not others.

Crochet & knitting excellent therapies!


I am sorry that it did not work for you. But I am always wondering on how long and the side effect is leukemia , so you always kind of worry. I sure hope and pray you are doing ok.


Hi Hildegard, so happy to hear that you've been in remission since '09! Glad to have you a part of our NHL community :)


Hi I had the same type of Non hodgkin's lymphoma. I believe mine was stage 4. 2 years of Chemotherapy after a large lymphoid removed via surgery. It's been 6 years.


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