Good job i listened to people on here so thank you all so much proves these sites work for patents that have health problems gp do not have a clue and would rather show how important they are infront of trainee docs. Big boo to <deleted by moderator> who prescribe me a throat spray and penicillin.

If he could of been bothered to take my bloods like the amazing staff at Fairfield hospital, they had booked in rushed straight to a doc diagnosed and on a ward in 3 hours wow thank you.

Oh the diagnosis,throat infection phumonia dehydration low Oxy levels low bp and a gfr of 11% acute renal failure. So been here on a drip since 5pm yesterday but alive. Again thank you all for telling me to seek further help possibly might not be here right now.

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  • oh buryboy, thank the gods that you went xxxx hope you feel better soon and they get you sorted m'dear. Thinking of you and keep us informed. All here for you xxx

  • Please remember the rules - no naming and shaming of identifiable individuals.

  • Good to hear your getting the right care now and on the mend

  • glad ur on the up, take care

  • Getting sorted now?

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