Physical symptoms of CKD stage 3

Can anyone tell me the symptoms they experience(d) in Stage 3 CKD? Personally, I suffer terribly with restless legs at night, and also seem to retain water more than I used to (I can tell when my fingers are so swollen I can't remove my rings). Are these real symptoms of CKD3, or just 'normal' things that anyone can get? And what other things have people noticed?

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  • heya, I personally had no symptoms like this, but do know of people that have the restless leg syndrome, but not sure at what stage. I am tired by around 1pm and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat (I blame my condition for it, although I could just be lazy, lol). I am sure you will get all sorts of answers on here :) but remember, everyone is different, so please don't worry that what you are experiencing at this stage isnt "normal" because for you, it just might be xxxx

  • I also suffer with the restless legs all the time and sometimes water retention and I'm usually tired by mid afternoon, doesn't seem to take much to tire me out at all also get very itchy at times as well, though I'm normally told it only stage 3 i shouldn't notice any symptoms. But everyone is different.

  • I had restless legs for years before even starting dialysis, occassionally had water retention it was my ankles that it showed in , my dietician told me to reduce salty foods such as bacon , gammon , and try avoid salty snack foods and this stopped the water retention for a couple of years until my function got to 8% and i had to start dialysis , there seems to be no cure for restless legs syndrome from what i have seen on here and elsewhwere.

  • hi i'm at stage 3 gfr 33. I suffer from restless legs and water retention at times. also have fatigue my dr says you don't get symptoms at this stage but i'm not sure I believe it. we are all different. I do take pain killers for restless legs if I didn't I don't think I would get to sleep.

  • i am currently hovvering between stage 4-5 but not yet on dialysis. i have discovered that the tonic water that i always keep at the side of the bed to drink when i get an attack of cramp or gout in the night also appears to ease the restless legs enough to let you sleep.

  • Thanks for all your answers. I was also told that I wouldn't notice any symptoms at this stage, but I don't really believe it - it seems people who actually have the condition DO notice some symptoms. The restless legs seem to be very common. I also have the itching, as Venus mentioned (forgot to mention that before). Thanks for the tip about the tonic water for restless legs, Poppydolly - I have read that before on here, but keep forgetting to buy some! I must try it.

  • Hi i suffered terrible restless legs and worse leg cramps then my doctor put me on Quinine Sulphate 300 mg tablets 1 a night and it works a treat ..I soon know if I go to bed and have forgotten to take my tablet... there is quinine in tonic water so thats why it helping you, but the prescribed tablets help more discuss this with your doctor, I held back for a long time and wish had mentioned it sooner..... hope this info some help to you

  • Hi I have suffered from restless legs in the past but over the last 2 months have lost over a stone in weight and for some reason don't suffer with restless legs quite so much. I get very tired especially after eating and by mid afternoon. I don't suffer with itching. I haven't taken salt in my food for at least 25 years. It may be the reason I don't seem to suffer with water retention but I used to suffer terribly from this. I don't feel so isolated knowing that others have these symptoms too. Hope this is helpful xx

  • I too had restless legs. Even when sitting watching television. I tried tonic water and bitter lemon but they just added to the water retention problem. My doctor gave me quinine tablets and they helped.

    As for the itching, it was one of those things that I noticed but just thought I had to put up with. I only mentioned it in passing to my GP and he prescribed Atarax and they were a godsend. The relief was enormous.

    Another symptom that I never thought was anything to do with the kidneys was constipation. I've always had a sluggish system and never gave it much thought. However, there was an instance where I hadn't been to the toilet in nearly a week and decided to ask the doctor for something. He explained that it was pretty common in renal failure and he prescribed senna and magnesium hydroxide.

  • Always interesting to read. Being 3b, last time I saw my nephrologist I got told, you shouldn't be feeling that, or that and I doubt that one is caused by the kidneys and you sure you feel that? It's so easy to listen to what others say and be swayed, even the professionals don't know what I am experiencing! I'm a human not a textbook!! I've had itching, specifically at times after dehydration or activity. Extreme tiredness, so much so that if I don't sleep in late, I need a hour or two in the afternoon. I do have water retention too. Never had restless leg as I'm aware but then been on serious painkilers for well over a year now so there's lots I may not be fully aware of. And as far constipation, I probably do suffer but never thought about it. So that's my list, for what it's worth!

  • Thank you and every one else who says they get tired. Am at stage 3b and am also getting tired, thought I was just getting older as I too had read that there were no symptoms at this stage, very reassured to know that there are others who are like me.

  • About the constipation what i can see is if you are taking lots of pain killer they normaly make you constipated but one natural thing you could try is LInseed d. Doesnt matter each gold or the other . The only thing you must do is to breack the linnseed on a blender and mix in a natural oats . You can put on your cereal , food ,etc . bUt you must not cooked . Must be uncooked . And for the iching iam having Gabapendin 100mg 3 times a day . Really helps.

  • I tried a glass of tonic water (containing Quinine) last night, and didn't have restless legs in bed, for the first time in weeks! Could have been coincidence, so I'll continue to test it out. It seemed to work too well to be true! Will keep you posted.

  • Excellent, hope it wasn't just a coincidence and that it works x

  • Seems the tonic water really does help combat restless legs. I've now been taking half a glass before bed each night for the past week, and only had restless legs once - as opposed to every night before the tonic water. I will certainly keep on with it - and thanks again to the people who recommended it.

  • I have restless legs at night, occasional leg cramps, chronic edema, sometimes nausea and fatigue. I'm in stage 3b.

  • I use support hose at night which really helps with restless leg syndrom

  • I personally didn't have any symptoms...was told quite bluntly that I had CKD 3A.....and my problems had been noted back in 2010 but the Drs never told they have to tell patients....I was scared at being told this but am coming terms with it now.This Health unlocked is helping me others are the same as me .I hope this helps.Yes I get hot feet and restless legs at night but is that connected ?

  • Hi hope you enjoyed a good Christmas. Restless leg syndrome is one symptom with ckd. Use a heating pad and also I use support stockings and this help immediately. Light to medium support is good. Also I tried a muscle pain reliever cream and this also helped. Hot shower is great also. Need to stop using salt and drink water to flush out salt helps at this stage you can drink a good amount of water. Visit davita kidney for receipts and diet. What foods to avoid and what to limit. It's daunting at first so just go slow. I read on this disease every day until I knew what foods to watch or avoid. Good luck to you supposedly if we are careful we can live many years with this disease. Take care

  • Yes these are symptoms of, stage 3 CKD l take my rings off when they begin to feel tight it also lexperance lack of energy and get very tired without any warning l am able to get a cup of tea and rest for a while that seems to work for me but l am a young 77 perhaps you are younger l have had kidney problems since l was very young try not to worry take your medication and always think positive even on bad days take care and God bless

  • Hugs all This was a great post. I, too, have CKD stage 3b. lost my right kidney 2014. I do have the restless legs, and cramps and itching. I have lost over 30 lbs and I am so much healthier at this point. I am praying that I can get to a healthy weight. I do know that I need to try and stay away from sodium. Also, Diet is so important. Fresh foods. Thank You Thank You all

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