Dad has stage 5 CKD

My Dad has chronic nephritis and now he is down to only 14% function which puts him at stage 5 :(

The Dr is not suggesting dialysis, my dad is 86 and has not really asked why it's not being offered. I am looking at diet etc and any supplements that might help him but everything I read online seems to differ. Does anyone have any advice? I live in the US and it's very difficult being this far away.

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  • Hi

    I'm in the UK, I didn't go on dialysis until I was at 7 % and although I was tired, I was still getting about and doing everyday stuff.

    Wishing you all the best,


  • Thank you, this is very encouraging. He was doing well and then when his numbers dropped below 15% he became quite down, although I think his state of mind is a bit better now. He is trying to go out for walks and get fresh air even though he also spends a lot of time in bed. He claims that he is not "a candidate for dialysis" so I am going to make sure that he asks the Dr at his next appointment what that means as he really has no other health issues.

    Wishing you all the best and thank you for your response.

  • Not sure on the us but in the uk there are people in their 80s on dialysis my husband has several in his unit the oldest is 87 at the moment, maybe they will talk to him about it soon x

  • I agree phillen,

    Dialysis is a 'must' if kidney function becomes very low.

    If his doctor doesnt mention it, you could. Everyone is different and there could be very good reasons they are not discussing it yet.

    Most people who have kidney failure benefit from dialysis; age has no relevance here. Individual medical condition is the only consideration.

    Hoping things go well for you


  • usually dialysis is discussed at around 14% so maybe they might discuss it with him it depends how well otherwise he is i imagine my husband says the man who travels with him to dialysis is 87 & he still leads a pretty active life has no other issues like heart or anything & no dementia signs so they can do well on it he's been on it for about 2 years he said x

  • I will definitely make sure that he asks at his next appointment. Will have to make sure my mum goes too, she can be pretty insistent :)


  • According to his specialist, he is not "a candidate for dialysis". I am going to make sure that he asks the Dr at his next appointment what that means. He has no other health issues.

    Thank you x

  • He should be offered dialysis then if he has no other health issues thats so unfair x

  • I am 86, living in U.S, and have stage 3 kidney disease. I've read that studies show that people over 65 do not usually benefit from dialysis. For diet advice, I recommend National Kidney Foundation's publications, telephone line, and one-day course.

  • I find it very sad that age may be considered a factor in the US.

    I know someone here in the UK of age 65 plus who does very well on dialysis!

    I am 56 and am practically back to normal since starting dialysis.

    I see you say it's studies that show this.... I'd like to believe that this depends upon the individual.

    Interesting to see what's happening on the other side of the 'pond'

    Best wishes, Margaret

  • Margaret -- I'm glad to hear that. I shouldn't mention study results when I have no way of knowing how valid they may be.

  • I am in stage 5 in US. GFR is 11. Not on dialysis. I follow a program called kidney disease solution which involves changing diet, exercise and supplements. You're dad must be doing pretty well to be in his 80's and still have that much function. Try not to worry too much. You are in my prayers. God can do anything!

  • Thank you. Have you seen an improvement in your numbers due to the program?

  • I saw a huge improvement when I started it but my GFR is so low, I just try to maintain now. I haven't stuck to the diet as well as I should have.

  • Thank you.

    Wishing you the best.

  • My dad lives in Poland and has just begun dialysis at the age of 92. Good idea to go with him to next appointment, from experience I know it was difficult for my dad to understand what was being said, or perhaps a generation thing, not wanting to push for answers. Or even cultural issue. Good luck

  • I live in another country so that isn't possible, but my mother will go next time. She can be more forthcoming with questions so we will make sure we get some answers. Thank you.

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