My kidney ultrasound today - concerned

I had my ultrasound today and the Sonographer being aware of my issues of CKD and he compared this current scan to a previous scan done over 2 years ago done at another hospital. As he was scanning the right hand side he said this kidney was not happy, not sure what he meant by it as i assume they would not actually say anyway, but as i left then he said right the results are now going to be sent to the nephs who ordered this and he will confirm what he found. My previous scan all they could tell me was they could not find anything sinister, they do not say a lot but with this one saying this today now a it seems he has found something more so on the right kidney i am getting so anxious.

Now what I am also wondering as well, because a biopsy was also offered to me by my neph and i think this depended on the results of this scan. Now if this scan confirms the issues i am wondering if i would still need a biopsy as well?

Thank you for reading x

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  • Since it sounds as if the doctors are thorough, I would go along with what they suggest.

  • go for it find out whats wrong i thought sonographers were not supposed to tell you anything! thats what they usually say as they cause worry to the patients!

  • Correct Phillen, that has been my experience. Even when I have asked they have explained that they are not qualified to comment on the scan.

  • Yes my husband has had so many different ones over the years & thats what they always say so he never asks now its left to the consultant to tell you its un professional asit causes worry to the patient!

  • u have to get done following kidney function tests , serum creatinine, serum electrolytes, blood urea, urine full report , if u find lot of protein in urine that is to be alarmed, did any neph ask u to get done the above tests?

    How ever u have not said about your gfr level , ( glomerular filtration rate )

    pl visit the following link , u may get more information , where u have many other links for CKD,




  • Hiya, thanks for your reply :-) Yes all those tests were done prior to all this, and egfr dropped from 29 to 21 over the last 6 months, and urine protein etc are normal the only one's are out of range was that of the eGFR/CR and CRP.

    So because of those results of the drop of the GFR, another ultrasound was ordered that as posted above this was done yesterday.

    I am wondering in regard of the kidney function drop can a kidney biopsy still be suggested and that they appear to have found the problem on the scan yesterday which i will get to know the results when they call me or send for me soon.

    The previous diagnosis for CKD from a previous scan suggested Reflux kidney and long term high blood pressure.

    Thank you once again your feedback is much appreciated :-) x

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