CKD and Shingles

I am a 50 year old female. I have IGA Nephropathy. My GFR has bounced around from 51 in 2013 to 81 in Dec of 2016. I've had several big protein spills and constant microscopic hematuria. In Dec, my protein in urine was at normal levels.

I do regular urine strip tests to measure protein. Recently I noticed it was a little high. I had lab work done and it showed a protein spill of 700mg, my GFR dropped to 70, and my creatinine rose to 95. My blood pressure also rose from the 130s / 80s to the 140s/90s. I also developed shingles within days of this though I had symptoms for several weeks before. Does anyone know if shingles can cause the high BP, drop in GFR and protein spill? I am meeting with my Nephrologist for my routine checkup, but wanted to see if anyone else had this happen.

Thanks ! Blessings and healing to you all!

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  • I find that my kidneys always take a turn for the worse when I have an infection. They always seem to bounce back when I am feeling better.

  • Good to hear that they bounce back! I just saw my neph and she said the same thing as you, that it should bounce back after the shingles clear up. Thanks for your reply!

  • yes any illness can cause problems!

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