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I was recently diagnosed with stage 3A CKD. No outward symptoms at all. Have had creatinine levels at 1.3-1.5 for the past 15 years and eGFR has been fluctuating between 45 and 65. Just saw a nephrologist yesterday. Said there was nothing he would do because I have been stable for over a decade so I should keep doing what I have been doing (which is nothing as I eat and drink in rather unhealthy ways and smoked for 40 years until I quit last year).

The only thing is that I have had microscopic trace of blood in my urine for at least the past 15-17 years (or longer but I no longer have older urine test results). My PCP told me to see a urologist and get a cystoscopy done. I said that if this was due to some kind of a cancer, I would be dead by now. To me, I deduce from my blood counts and other results that I could not have had cancer for 15+ years and it remained stable for that long. This must therefore be related to a benign reason, possibly my CKD. Nephrologist agreed with me but said why take the chance, even if it is one in a million, that it is something malignant.

I hate the idea of getting a cystoscopy. Any advice from anyone out there? THANKS!!

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  • koko1958 -- Yes, undergoing a cystoscopy is extremely unpleasant; I've had them. However, if my nephrologist told me to have one, I would. A trace of blood has been found in my urine in the past. I know my nephrologist tests for it, but hasn't commented on it lately, possibly because I'm almost 86 years old. If 1958 is your birth year, you're the same age as my daughter. She survived successful surgery to remove a benign brain tumor last year. Congratulations on quitting smoking.

  • thank you kindly for your response. Quitting smoking after 40 years was the best thing I did for myself. All the best.

  • My husband had a cystoscopy 2 years ago & he said he was ok didnt take long just a little uncomfortable previously he'd had them under anaesthetic as he had to have strictures unblocked so would be too painfull He says nothing to worry about he thinks the cameras they use are more fine now than years ago!

  • Thank you for the reassuring words.

  • I was diagnosed with CKD3A about 5 years ago but that shock to the system came as I was being investigated for another problem (as is usually the case). For years now I have always shown a trace of blood in my urine but every now and then I get a much more serious attack where I basically pee what looks like pure blood for hours. Its bloody scarey although I get no other symptoms. I've had three cystoscopies but unfortunately hospital consultants have no idea what is causing my sudden attacks (I've even seen a 'Professor' in the hope that he would know more). Because of this, my iron levels also show now as slightly abnormal (basically slightly lower than they should be) but I take a multi vitamin with iron to help with that.

    As you say, if you have not changed anything in the last 15 years, I really wouldn't worry about any sinister but I suppose it doesn't harm to have a cystoscopy 'just to make sure' nothing has changed. A cystoscopy doesn't hurt by the way - probably more 'uncomfortable' than anything else.

    I just view the 'trace' of blood as normal for me now and don't get so alarmed by it but I do think it is connected to my kidney function and that unfortunately this small amount of blood is getting through the 'sieve'! Maybe you are the same.

  • Glad to hear nothing malicious was found in your case. My trace of blood has always been microscopic in that it cannot be seen. I am still thinking it is related to my kidney dysfunction. I know that a cystoscopy does not hurt (like a colonoscopy) but I just hate being poked and prodded, so I try to avoid all medical procedures unless there is a darn good reason. My question to my nephrologist was 'if the trace blood in my urine is due to something like bladder cancer, wouldn't it have manifested itself in certain other ways over a decade and a half'? He said he agreed but why take a chance. That sounded like he did not want the potential liability if something was to happen to me down the road. Defensive medicine is a big problem here in the U.S.A. and I would like to avoid unnecessary procedures. I think we do have similar issues, which happen to be benign in nature.

  • hi coco not a specialist but i had 52 years of kidney problems befor transplant august 16...but what i do know is that protein in urin which is blood is because the kidneys are being damaged by probably blood presure or advice is get further advice...wish you well chris

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