hi ..I am from Scotland .I am new here....I was diagnosed both Kidneys diseased in 2006 ..attend the Renal Clinic every 4-6 months... and I just know that I feel ill most of the time ...getting an Endoscopy done a week tomorrow and am dreading it ...never ben told what stage I am at ...just that, as long as my Kidney Function keeps fluctuating, they are working ...I would appreciate any advice on what stats I should ask my Consultant for at my next appointment...and of course any other info on this subject ...thank you ....

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  • hi bonnilass .chris from kent here..i had transplant 5 months ago all ok..the things you need to know..are what is your EGFR..FILTRATION RATE..HOPE ITS ABOVE SAY 20 PERCENT..IF IT GETS TO 16 YOU WILL BE PUT ON TRANSPLANT LIST..ANY FUNCTION OVER 40 SHOULD WITH CARE AND LOW FAT DIET KEEP YOU GOING FOR 15 YEARS OR MORE..


  • Thank you Chris......

  • Hiya

    I have kidney failure now and on dialysis three days a week. I have to say you've done really well after 6 years keeping them going. Well done! Mine lasted 18 months after diagnosis.

    Your results should be discussed fully with you. Things to look out for is high potassium levels as that affects the heart too but as said ask the doctor to discuss fully and also read NKF website

    Best of luck


  • Hi bonnielass

    When you next see your consultant, discuss your symptoms. It may be that your kidneys may not worsen enough to require dialysis. When I became ill 30 years ago, we were not told stages. Kidneys don't just stop one day, it's a gradual thing. Creatinine is a good indicator of how well they are functioning. If you are nearing the time for dialysis, they wI'll talk to you about access ie means of dialysis such as a fistula or graft. Try not to worry. Be open with the doctors and ask questions about your kidney function. Good luck x

  • Thank you for your reply....

  • I don't know whether you had an upper endoscopy or what other kinds there may be. Here's my experience with an upper endoscopy. It was not ordered by my nephrologist, but by my gastroenterologist. In addition to acid reflux, I had difficulty swallowing. The upper endoscopy revealed that I have a gastric ulcer. Under anesthesia, a camera was inserted in my esophagus (I think.) The gastroenterologist gave me a copy of the photos of the area being studied. The gastroenterologist didn't mention my kidney disease (stage 3.) I don't know whether, in my case, nothing was studied in relation to my kidney disease. You might want to ask the doctor who will be ordering your endoscopy what he/she is looking for. Be sure to tell the doctor that you would like to have the findings explained to you. It's good that your doctor is following your condition.

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