Should I push for more testing?

I got lab work back and my GFR is 55. I didn't see my regular Dr. And not a big fan of the person in the office who does the physicals who went over the results with me today. She said it's nothing to be concerned with. I also had borderline high cholesterol and borderline low white and red blood cells. She said there's "nothing can do for kidney dysfunction anyway" and will look at my results next year. Should I talk to my regular doctor about it? Are there other symptoms I might want to be considering? fatigue? Any information is appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    I was told by my GP that anything over 60 is considered normal. I had concurrent tests under 60 and was referred to a Nephrologist straight away.

    This low result could be as a result of you being generally unwell or being on some kind of anti-biotic. However, if I were you I would push for at least another eGFR test.

    Try not to worry, it might be nothing. Definitely think it's worth speaking to a doctor, especially one you like or trust.

    Good luck!

  • Also, you shouldn't be getting symptoms at 55, maybe the fatigue is as a result of being generally unwell

  • You can educate yourself on looking after your kidneys so any loss of function can be reduced

    Kidneys age naturally as well so reduce infunction as we age

    If you still feel unhappy with care ask to see another doc or change gps

  • Djanaep, I received a telephone call from my GP when my kidney function was found to be reduced at eGFR 54, and was told that this meant I had Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3. Because I have had only one kidney since a youngster, I took myself off to a renal consultant for reassurance. His advice was to monitor regularly and to keep my blood pressure under control.

    Other than that, it appears that your Dr is quite correct in stating that not much is done, or needs to be done, for slightly reduced kidney function such as your's at 55, apart from regular monitoring. My friend was told by her GP that "the Government had opened a can of worms in introducing this test" as loads of his patients were running off to kidney consultants as a result, when, in fact, the test had been introduced purely to research whether kidney disease was an age-related or a disease process.

    Many people have a slightly reduced eGFR and usually it is monitored every 6 months or so just to check that the reading remains stable. Your Dr is obviously intending to monitor you by saying she will look at it again next year - perhaps an earlier check at this stage would be wiser just to ensure that the level remains stable before moving to an annual check.

    If it were me, I would also be asking for the blood count to be re-checked after a month or so, especially if the fatigue continues - you might simply be suffering from some lurking infection/virus, or you might be slightly anaemic in which case an iron supplement may help.

    Borderline cholesterol can also be monitored, but is generally nothing to be concerned about at this stage, unless there is a history of high cholesterol in your family or if you have experienced any previous ischaemic problems. You might find that borderline cholesterol can be managed and reduced with simple things like just a tweak in the diet, exercise and weight loss if relevant.

    I think an appointment with your regular Dr would be a good idea in the first instance. Good luck!

  • Thank you for all of the great feedback. I think I'm going to talk with my regular doctor. I should have added that I did have the flu when the blood was drawn. Also, the high cholesterol was very strange because I'm very active and I eat pretty clean. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond. I've just been in a panic researching the internet.

  • Ah, now that you have mentioned having flu at the time of the blood tests, there is your answer! Flu can wreak havoc on our bodies.....and our blood test results! Be careful what you read on the internet if you want to avoid panicking - there are few reliable sites for proven and professional information.

  • I went fobeamy follow up and lab results in February and was informed by my doctor with an intern present that I had stage 3 renal disease, he repeated it several times,said my gpr was 56.1. He sounded amazed I would describe as but did not explain anything to me. My BP had shot up real high several weeks before and they had increased my BP meds,actually doubled them. He then added another bp medication making a total of 3. I found out all my information online and called to tell them I wanted to see a nephrologist. They scheduled me for a month away as the specialist was coming to their office then. I have been hospitalized before with kidney stones and uti's in the past.after reading I was one stage from dialysis and two from a transplant or permanent dialysis, I called the specialist myself and insisted I wanted to see him earlier at his office. I went in last week and he explained more about the disease, said you could live years without any symptoms or it could get worse. He answered my questions and today I had an ultrasound on my kidneys and bladder to see if this caused any additional damage. I am not supposed to see him til June 9, that is not suitable to me as I want results like now. The technologists said the results would be available on Tuesday and I plan on calling then to find out. I would insist on seeing a specialist if for nothing else but your own piece of mind. Good luck and God bless. Dinna

  • My eGFR has been between 49 and 59 for the last ten years. 58 last week. Don't panic.

  • Dear Friend, For an inguinal hernia surgery , I was hospitalised 8 months ago. Blood and urine tests were taken according to which my eGFR was 55. After leaving the hospital I tried to observe a proper diet as regards eating and drinking. I also tried to observe a proper life-style as regards walking and doing some physical activities. Then, I had an accident with my motor-bike and I was hospitalised again. This time, when some tests were taken, my eGFR was 70 according to the physician's view. Therefore, I would like to tell you that not to be worried. Try to observe a proper diet. Deo Volente, you will have no problems.

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