Egfr & Menopause

This is one for the ladies please x

Hi everyone, hope your all keeping as good and healthy as you can :-)

I had a blood hormone test done about 2 years back and it came back high, as well as my other symptoms of hot flashes, sweating etc, my GP said highly possible menopause, I am now 47 years old and this have been going on way before my blood test 2 years back, my 5 sisters are/were also in the same age group going through it.

Anyway,my question is, does anyone know if going through the menopause can have an affect on our kidney function numbers? I am due my next check up in a few weeks so a question for the Neph as well but am curious.

I have stage 3 ckd, my numbers in the last 2 years vary from 37 to 43.

Thank you in advance x


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