I read that most people with CKD, particularly early like Stages 3 and 4 should be on statins. My GFR last time was 57, up from 53, and my cholesterol was 6.1. I have already got chronic back pain so don't want statins, My GP is not bothered by my CKD or my cholesterol, in fact he said he wouldn't give me statins with my muscle problems. I'm 68 and have to see a cardiologist for ectopic heartbeats and concerned he'll try to force feed me statins. loads of people I know have suffered horribly on them. I suppose I will have to decide whether I want to go out with a whimper or a bang. Excuse my black humour, sometimes I feel very cynical about all these recommendations.

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My GP went to great lengths to explain to me about statins, while also making it very clear that the choice was entirely mine. I have since asked around and found several people I know are either on them or have been in the past. Some have had no problems at all while others had side affects so severe they could not continue to take them, I found that I had nausea for the first couple of days but this seems to have settled down now.


You do not want to be taking statins. Back in the day thyroid issues showed up as high cholesterol. With the symptoms you have I would suggest you get your thyroid bloods done. Kidneys and thyroid are very connected. When the G.P. tells you "your bloods are normal" (they probably won't be) get a copy and post the results on the thyroid site on here. Insist they check your Free T3 and Free T4 and not just the TSH.....Good luck!


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