Any help or advice available?

I suffered with swollen ankles and legs after a flight in early April. DVT was ruled out, as was heart and lung problems following relevant tests and X-Rays .Finally my GP diagnosed Nephrotic Syndrome. Water tablets have sorted out the swelling and I've been taking tablets for blood pressure for the passed 2/3weeks. My BP although up, wasn't at a dangerous level and the medication brought it down to 137 over 80 by last Friday. My GP referred me to a consultant at Bournemouth Hospital who I met with yesterday(7th July) and alarmingly he told me my kidney function had reduced by some 30% since April. He went on to say he would be arranging a biopsy to be done involving an overnight stay in hospital, to establish the cause and that this would be done as quickly as possible, and certainly within the next 2weeks.

He went on to say that he would send for me in about 6 weeks time to discuss the results and presumably treatment.

It all seems very protracted and has left me extremely anxious, not knowing at what stage I am or quite literally if I'll be here for Xmas!!

I am a fit 64 year old and so far have no other symptoms. I am following a low fat/salt diet and keep active.

Has anyone any ideas, information or words of encouragement to help ease the stress of not knowing?


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