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Hi, I'm new here. I'm trying to find out about uretreal stents because my sister in law is having so much trouble. I know she had some form of cancer in that area a couple of years ago but that is now clear. She has been having stents put in on a regular bases ever since.When they remove the stent she is fine for a while then ends up back in hospital and another stent in inserted.My brother and his wife are confused and troubled by these events. Please can anyone explain to me what's going on.x

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  • What happens when she is not fine? Are they trying to keep her ureter unblocked? Does she now have stones?

    I had stents over 3 years, taken out and put back in. The last one was taken out earlier this year as they decided it wasn't actually doing anything.

  • Thanks for the reply Googie, I'm not sure what is going on,the live far away from me and seem so confused by this. Do stents have to be removed after three months? From what I can gather she is ok when the stent is in but when they take it out she gets infections. Can't stents be left in,like in the heart?

  • I know it sounds weird, but mine were actually left in for a year at a time. I think it depends on what is going on. I have calcified kidneys, not stones as such, so they thought keeping them in would be best, but really was a waste of time x Hope she is doing well.

  • Thanks for that,most helpful.

  • Hi! I have a stent to keep the ureter unblocked; Stage 4 CKD. Unfortunately, ureter stents can only be left in (as I understand it) Four to five months - by which time they *have to be replaced; I believe that the danger is UTIs if they are left in.... I have just had mine replaced (a couple of weeks ago) - I was made aware - in May- that my prognosis is replacement stents for the foreseeable future........

  • Thank you for that Michel,I am starting to understand a bit more about these problems thanks to you and this site.x

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