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Stent removal :(

ok, the time has come. After 3 years of having my stent replaced they have now decided that they are going to remove it (as someone decided during the last op to put it back in after the decision was made not to). I have been informed by my Urologist, that it takes no time at all and is painless. I have done the big no no and looked it up on the internet and although I know horror stories are put on here, found a few that said it was quick and "relatively" painless. It seems men found it more painful. I want to know if I can be sedated. I just need the fear suppressed. I know its got to be done, but if I can be sedated to have a bloody tooth removed, I don't see why I can't be sedated while they stick something up my wee wee hole and then fiddle around trying to get the end of the stent.

I can feel myself getting worked up by the thought of this and I am truly terrified.

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I asked for Sedation when my fistula was made because I'm a coward when it comes to ops.I asked the nurse if I could be sedated and it was not a problem provided. Provided you are otherwise healthy you should ask for it. I was apparently snoring like a pig throughout the op but had no side effects when I was done. Less stress all round. Good luck but don't get worked up, you'll do just fine!


I seem to remember that when I had my stent removed it was quite quick and painless and I can be very nervous and tense even after years of different treatments. But its your body and if you feel nervous or anxious definitely ask for some sedation - you have every right to feel relaxed and comfortable. You could also check out some relaxation/meditation or breathing techniques which might make you more relaxed and feeling in control. There are some brilliant CDs you can listen to at home that I've started using all the time as I have had panic attacks. I got to the point where I thought if it can help someone when they are having a baby it can help me when i am having these sort of procedures which are definitely quicker and much less painful or risky so I tried them and they really help me. There's a breathing technique CD that Macmillan made for people who are in pain that is so calming and I think you can download for free from their website. I find when I concentrate on my breathing the procedure happens before I realise it. Take care and I am sure you will be just fine too


Thank you both so much for answering. When I had my stent inserted, I had to be given something on the ward to calm me down, but i was still hysterical and crying when I got down to have it done. It took half an hour of me arguing before they gave me a little sedation, and it all went without a hitch (and didn't hurt at all anyway). I just dont feel that I need to go through all that anxiety again. Also, I am worried in case there is some calcification which may make it a little more difficult to remove the stent. I am going to ask/insist that I be given a little something. Like you say, I have the right to be comfortable and feel safe.

Will try out the breathing too xx


Hi Googie. When I met with my transplant surgeon recently she mentioned that I would have a stent put in as part of the transplant procedure and it would be removed after about 3-4 weeks. I asked if I would be "knocked out" and she said that most patients said it was no more uncomfortable than having a smear - easy for her to say! I would suggest that you ask for some kind of relaxant . Must admit it makes me squirm a bit just thinking about it. Best of luck x


Thank you Viviola. I just hope they don't ignore my request :(


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