Donating a kidney to my husband

Hello Everyone! Well my husband and I are very new to this game of 'keep his kidneys going'. He is 73 now and has had CKD (known about for 2 years) but already we are at eGFR 21 with a loss of 8 points in 12 months. The way he acts and feels you would never know it with no symptoms at all and active and fit. So big shock. So, I need to get on the case big time. I am 60, healthy and type O blood for starters. I would like to donate my kidney (if compatible) to him sooner rather than later. Has anyone been down this road? I have so many other questions and I know ultimately there will be people to support us but I want to get ahead of the game. Thanks so much for reading this. Hope everyone is doing well out there. Blue 60

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  • I would try contacting the NKF for a few details. Your local Blood Transfusion Centre may have some useful addresses too. The very best of luck with it all xx

  • Oh that's helpful. I'm giving blood on Friday I'll sound them out whilst I'm emptying to see if anyone has knowledge or info. thank-you.

  • The transplant clinic in Nottingham have one evening a month where they get potential transplant patients to meet up with patients who have already received transplants , it gives you a great opportunity to talk through the process and pitfalls from different people , be worth finding out if your local unit has a thing like this . The transplant co ordinator is a good source of information with regards to it or you local hospital should be able to direct you.

  • Great idea that! I'm in Cheltenham and hopefully on Thursday I can find out what groups or support are around. I hear Nottingham is the new Jimmy's! Thank you.

  • Hi my husband is in the process of donating a kidney to me, we are just at the start now, but from what we have been told you can go into a transplant pool if you do not match. We saw the transplant coordinator in Liverpool who was brilliant she explained everything to us I have got an eGFR of 14 don't feel ill yet! this will be my third transplant I have had this last one for 24yrs so have done fab. Think its best if you approach your renal team and tell them you want to donate and they will then start the "ball rolling" good luck with if it is a truly great thing to do...........

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Seems this Transplant Person is key. Very warm wishes for great success with your husbands gift.

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