Recycling dialysis boxes on PD

I am having propblems with my council's waste collection. The boxes are too big for the recycling and the council is refusing to take them. Theyve told me to cut them up but its too think to cut and there is one or two boxes every day which then gets piled up and I have to then get someone to take them to the recycling centre for me. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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  • The boxes that Baxter provide have instructions on how the rip them apart and fold flat. As a result you can get quite a few in the recycling bin.

  • I had the same problem with my garbage and recycling pick up. They left a note on my recycling bin to cut them up. I had to get a bigger bin and I use a butcher knife to

    slice down the 4 sides. They fold up nice and flat after that cut.

  • I stanley knife them but have 2 recycling bins as i tols council about the excess of boxes.

    I have also put on the freecycle type sites adverts for anyone wanting strong boxes when moving house as they are excellent for that

  • Hi,

    I was on PD for 4 years (now HD, 4 years so far), I would get one of the dialysis staff to contact the council.

    Have you spoken to the council yourself?

    I live in Oxfordshire, and was initially told the same, only when my wife contacted them and explained the situation they agreed to take them. The did have to be flattened though. See running Pete below, for ripping the boxes up.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks Clem55, it seems some councils are more helpful than others. I have spoken to my council and theyve pretty much told me there's nothing they can do except give me more recycling boxes, which are too small. They suggested I cut them up and put them in plastic bags for the garbage people to take, but they still didnt take them either. I've started breaking them up now and putting them into garbage bags. Sometimes they take them and sometimes I have to take them to the local dump. Oh well

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