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Routine blood work and risk of Coronavirus



How is everyone doing their routine blood draws these days? I'm a kidney transplant and pancreas transplant patient and I'm afraid of going to my local lab which is highly populated and would put me at a risk of COVID-19 infection.

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My local lab has an hour in the morning for only the old and vulnerable. They also let you make appointments and will text you when they are ready for you, so you can wait in your car instead with everybody. I get to try it out next week.

Hi, I am 9 years post transplant and get my labs every month. However my nephrologist has told me not to risk getting my labs done since my kidney function has been steady.

I need to go in tomorrow for my belatacept infusion and will get my labs drawn then. I'll be wearing my mask (which really helps keep you from touching your face), wiping down everything and using my hand sanitizer constantly.

I had labs this morning. I was the only one at Quest at 7am, but I still wore gloves & mask. 8 yrs. post transplant. If many people were there, I would have done later. Be careful.

Instead of using a walk-in lab I now use appointment -only lab. Traffic seems lower there!

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