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Hi, I'm 51 yrs old and been on Dialysis for 3 yrs. I was listed on the transplant list for about 2-3 months when my transplant center contacted me and informed me that when I had a heart catheterization done they noticed that I have Moderate Pulmonary Hypertension, which can be treated but since my transplant center Hospital did not have a doctor that treats that condition that they could/would not transplant me and referred me to a University Hospital in Dallas that has a team of doctors that specialize in that condition. so I am currently in the process of applying to their transplant program.

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Hello. I want to donate one of my kidneys to save a life but I do not know who to contact. You could put me in touch with someone.

It’s wonderful that you are considering living donation. To start, you’ll need to contact transplant centers (hospitals that perform transplant operations) in your area and ask to speak with a “Kidney Transplant Coordinator,” who will provide you with more information and help you begin the evaluation process to become a donor.

To find a transplant center in your area visit: optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/me.... Select “member” then “Find a member”, under member type select “transplant center” and then select your state. If you would like to donate your kidney to someone that you know such as family member or friend you would have to contact the transplant center that they are working with to be evaluated.

You can find more detailed information about living donation on our website at: kidney.org/atoz/content/liv...

I had my transplant at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas. The team of doctors are amazing. I always felt and was very well taken care of. The Heart and Vascular Hospital is also the Best. Any questions, just ask. Best of luck to you. I had s living donor.

Thank you for sharing your story with me!


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