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can a kidney transplant be performed when the filtration rate is between 15 and 20%?


Hi. I am new to the forum and to ckd, transplant, etc... still trying to get oriented...

Has anyone been told by a hospital that they wouldn't even be registered for a transplant if they are not below 15%?

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I was scheduled for a transplant at GFR 20, and transplanted at eGFR19, so that sounds completely unreasonable. Do you already have an approved donor? What transplant center ter are you referring to?

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Most transplant centers, even back in 1999 when I had my transplant, would do a transplant before you started dialysis. In 1999, they weren't calculating your GFR, just went by creatinine and BUN. I think they found that a lot of people did better if transplanted before dialysis. I know living donor transplants are done before recipient is on dialysis. I had my transplant at U of WI and that was their policy.

What center did you go to?

I got my transplant 12months ago my function was 8% when I got it and I still felt well in myself

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Did you ever go on Dialysis?

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No never got to that stage

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Good to know. My son is at 15%. We are certainly hoping he gets transplanted before he gets sick. So far so good. He is 20 years old.

Thanks for your reply.

I just finished all my transplant workup for a live donor and my gfr sits 16-20 ish. Try another clinic.

Yes but you may want to wait a bit longer if your progression is slow.

I just got put on the list 3 days ago in Indiana and my gfr has fluctuated between 15-20 for the past year and was at 17 when I was tested. I was told that they like to do it when you're still healthy because your body accepts your new kidney easier plus my blood type is O so my typical wait time on the list is 4-6 yrs and you never know, my kidneys could take a turn for the worst in that time so it's better to get me on the list now. I think I would get a second opinion.

Ya I was told it would be done before I got to I'll and I have had realy good results

I told below 20, you get on the list. Not 100% sure. I forget.

I was also told that you have to be at 20. I am at 20 now but the Dr wants to wait another 2 months to see if I fluctuate above the 20. I do allready have a living donor but they said I still have to wait to go on the donors list at a gfr of 20. Im 52 yr old, female

My doctor advised me to get on the list after I had had three consecutive declining results in my GFR, at that point I was at 18. I think you can ge in the list afer you hit 20. I have been in the list for a year because the process to enter is long, I entered when my GFR was 13. I have fluctuated between 10 and 13 this last year. I personally, did not want to start dyalisis or have a transplant until it became absolutely necessary because those are treatments, not cures. I do not feel too bad, so only until I hit 10, I started looking for a donor because I was told I had to do something when my GFR entered single digits, and that was close. Now doctors go by symthoms. I will have a transplant soon because my doctor said it is better to do it before my body gets worse, and may make me not a good candidate for transplant. It is a hard decision. Being in 20, might fluctuate to be higher, which would be good. Remember that once transplanted you are on antirejection medications for ever, because your immune system has to be lowered so you do not reject the new kidney.

I was told that you need to be GFR 20 before you can be put on the list. I was told this after I decided to obtain a second opinion because my numbers kept getting worse and my kidney dr. just said don't worry you'll know when you need a transplant, you'll start feeling bad. This was when my GFR was at a 15. My second opinion dr. put me on the list the same day of my first appointment.

I am type O blood so they told me because it is common it will take longer to get to the top 4 to 6 years. I was list in 3 of 2016 and I'm still waiting, I'm close enough to call it on the list for 5 years. Most of my direct relatives have been tested without finding a match, I have 1 more son to be tested. Don't let anyone tell you not to get on the list, it take a long time to get to the top, and they don't tell you how close you are either. I have also been told to stay off Dialysis as long as you can. My GFR is currently at 12. And I'm tired all the time. I can go to sleep anywhere anytime, which is not normal for me. I usually go on a 6 to 7 hour a night sleep.

I have other health issues that leave me in consent pain so I only sleep for about 2 hour at a time. I have been in this consent pain issue since 2010. So I really don't or haven't had a good night sleep for some time. But I was still able to function fully with the broken sleep caused by the pain until my GFR dropped.

Hope this answers some of your questions. Just knowing your not alone out there sometimes help. This site have been in a slump of negative voices lately but just know there is some one worse off than you. Just keep pushing.

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