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One year on from transplant

Well it has not been easy but I am exactly one year post transplant today. I have had very bad days but I have also had some amazing days so they kind off balance each other out. I am now under a psychologist at my Renal department and I am starting to work through my issues that are not all related to the surgery but have come bubbling upto the surface. Hopefully here’s to the next twelve months may they be better again 😁

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Hello Caxton ! I am a about 5 months post transplant. I too have been having some problems, but it is with the meds. Hopefully, when I get to a year post transplant, I will be feeling much better!


I’m sure you will. The medication is a bloody nasty thing but it keeps us alive and healthier than we would have been. Just keep that in mind and ya can’t go wrong. I’m glad everything else is going well for you and yes you will feel much better as the weeks go on. So glad things have gone well for you.😊


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