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One year transplant check-up


Tomorrow I go for my 1 year post-op check up. During the past year I've had several good and bad moments. My creatinine has been as low as 1.3 but usually stays 1.7-2.0, which may be my "normal". I have to have labs done as well as a sonogram of my "new" kidney and my natives ones. I am very worried they will find something wrong because there are days I don't feel like I urinate enough, and I still sometimes feel a dull ache at the incision site every once in a while. My wife tells me to stop worrying since the doctors say I'm ok. I do my best to stay hydrated. Hopefully I'll get a good report.

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If your labs tell your doctor that you are doing fine, you are most likely doing fine. I understand how the anxiety can get to us but try not to let it affect you too often. As long as you are following the instructions (meds, lab, healthy lifestyle) you are doing great.

I too just celebrated my one year milestone. This past a December I had an endoscopy and had my gallbladder removed. I feel so much better but the weight gain has me now at the diabetes level. My nephrologist says it can be turned around if I lose weight which I really want to do. Diabetes, high cholesterol and now fatty liver. BP is great, creatinine is .68 and GFR is 89. Next visit is three months so I hope the next time I see him, I will be much thinner. I think all of us have this fear about our kidney but be aware that our original kidneys will atrophy. I think all of us have gone through those stages of depression, guilt, fatigue,etc. I look at it as a gift and I will protect it and do my best to live my life as best as I can! Try not to worry. There are days when I know I am not drinking enough but then I tell myself to snap out of it! I think we are more cognizant of our health now. We made it to the one year, life will go on for us! Don’t sweat the small stuff!we are all here for each other.

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Good luck with everything try not to worry to much

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First, Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Those of us that have been through it, know how important each milestone is in our " kidney journey."

I think what you are saying is pretty common. I am 20 years post transplant, and every time I have my labs done I still stress until I see the results.

Just remember for the future, to always tell your transplant team when something is out of the ordinary. I have had a lot of things over the years that I thought were insignificant and wound up needing medical attention.

Take care!

Dear kimosabi1961,

It sounds, to me, like your 'Doing Fine', my friend. Your Creatinine is VERY Good, far better than mine. The main 'Things' that, will be, checked are how well the Kidney has 'Settled' which, from your description, seems Good. (By the way 'Odd' pains, near the Transplant site, are simply, your Nerves, re growing- many are Cut, when the Kidney is inserted.)

I'm, a few more years, 'down the line' to you Kim- my Transplant was in July 2013. As I have already said, you 'Sound' Good to me. However if you have any further Worries, then DO, speak to your own Transplant Team.

Obviously, if we, can be of any further Help.....


Thanks! I got a great report! They told me by baseline is 1.8, and everything looked good!

Good News indeed Kim. Very Best Wishes


After 32 years post first transplant I see the nephrologist every six months. Until two years ago I saw him every three months. I am anxious even now about what the “numbers” will be but just feel it is important to know so I can deal with it. Telling someone how long ago you were transplanted is not boasting. It gives others hope. Hope is what all kidney patients need.

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